On Going Beyond Yourself, Karmic Goodness, and Inspiration

I stumbled upon the vlogger Stephanie Nicole on some random day when I fell into a YouTube hole, and immediately subscribed. The most notable thing about this woman is NOT that she’s more interested in telling the truth about a product instead of smooching the proverbial ass of the company behind it. Before today, I thought the most notable thing was her extensive research and knowledge about products and her willingness to share those things. It’s not.

It’s this:



My only issue with the video was that I could not like it more than once! OMG. This so spoke to me. There is such VALUE in going beyond yourself. There is. And you won’t ever know it until you do it. I work and live around people who you will never hear of, who do the most amazing things for other people simply because it is in their hearts. They don’t ask for publicity or reward for their actions, and some even get embarrassed if you bring it up. I don’t even have an issue with Stephanie putting this on her channel because it serves a purpose, and that purpose is inspiration. You cannot put a price on that.

In my own life I have given time and products to cancer patients and survivors for more than a decade.  Since I got certified in yoga, I’ve added that to the time that I spend for those who want to learn to practice (or have been ordered by a doctor to incorporate breath work and meditation into their lives. I am SO HAPPY it’s being adopted by Western Medicine… you don’t even know). For 13 years I’ve donated time and product to The Foundation For Living Beauty, because patients and survivors are so sensitive to any chemicals and tend to have very dry, irritated skin. I also donate product to address ‘correctable’ skin concerns for young people in particular, and to people concerned about chemical-laden products (but also unimpressed with the efficacy of ‘natural’ products).

The point of the above is not to brag, any more than it was Stephanie’s intention. If anyone can inspire anyone to do good works for any reason, the action becomes priceless. She actually inspired me to share my own activities.

I wanted to highlight this video because I was already a fan. Now, I’m even more so.

Kudos Stephanie. YOU ROCK.

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