Flushed: Chanel Joues de Contraste (Rose Ecrin)

You guys know that the Chanel Autumn 2011 Blush in Rose Ecrin was an initial pass for me. So I never had any intention of it making its way into my home. Well, a good friend decided that I might like it, and bought one extra (she’d purchased one for herself). So, it ended up in my home anyway:

It’s a very light rose color… I was quite convinced that it would not show up on my medium skin tone. But I found that with a heavier hand, it actually shows up quite nicely.

Swatches aside, this is still not a blush I’d rush out to buy for myself. I think it suits fair skin tones much better. But it does add a bit of light to my face, which I like.

Chanel: Joues Contraste (in) Rose Tourbillion

I finally got a chance to peek at and play with the Chanel collection for Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale:

The order of the day is PINK… lots and lots of pink. I understand that this collection is technically  not new; it was previously part of an ‘Asia only’ release. I wasn’t moved by much of it. The only thing that really stood out to me was the Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Tourbillion:

With the exception of Rouge, I’ve never seen a blush color this intense from Chanel. I was INSTANTLY curious, so I swatched it, and fell.in.love!

Simply amazing. This one is DEFINITELY a keeper!