Orange Crush

I’m going nuts over all things Orange these days. It’s an extremely flattering color on my warm skin tone, and I love the color in general. It screams warm weather and good times to me. Here are some of the ‘orange’ things that have caught my eye of late…

Love these tweezers! I’m always thinking in terms of stocking my kit and I thought to myself: These would NEVER get lost because they’re so brightly colored! And it would help if I’m working with other artists… so that we don’t get our tools mixed up.

Same for these eyelash curlers. Adorable! I need another daily curler anyway (my Shu Uemura curler finally kicked the bucket)… so these give me the perfect excuse to pick up another one.

How adorable is this! The new Clarisonic ‘Mia 2’ now comes in the bright shade of Mango (or orange… as you like). I think that one of these would add a ‘summer’ touch to any skin care regimen.

You guys know I love a good orange lippie:

 Rouge d’ Armani Sheer in Coral 300
It’s a ‘must have’ lippie for me this Summer!

This is not a new product, but Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream in #10 is still my favorite of them all. I love that you can use it ‘anywhere’ (even in the hair for colored streaks), and I love its staying power.

Okay… so let’s just call this ‘makeup’ for the feet. LOL I love these espadrilles. If you’re going to go with a summer theme, you can’t beat these.

Those are my ‘orange crush’ selections for the season! Ciao for now!