Guerlain: Sun In The City Illuminating Powder

I’m a little late to the party on this. I didn’t initially jump for joy when I first heard of the new ‘Sun in The City’ Illuminating Powder from Guerlain, because really… do I need another highlighter?

But then I saw it in person:

There’s really no way to describe this thing and do it justice. But here goes…

It’s DISTINCTLY dark yellow-gold (fair skinned beauties, it may go yellow on you), and features the Guerlain logo and a specific wave pattern in the powder. It’s nearly a shame to swatch it. It’s that beautiful.

Like the Mosaic Bronzer, this thing is HUGE. There’s plenty of product in there, making it worth the $70 asking price.

This is a swatch with just my index finger… one swipe:

I touched just the very corner of the pan to get this swatch. I blended it out easily with my fingers. It leaves a distinct golden shimmer on the skin. I absolutely love it… it’s stunning. So if you want it, and can swing the $70, I say go for it. It’s definitely a treasure in its own right.

You can find out more about Guerlain’s ‘Sun In The City’ HERE.

Guerlain Summer 2011: Terra Inca

Oh, I’ve been DYING to get my hands on the piece to which this post is dedicated. Took me FOREVER. No one is carrying it stateside on a massive scale. When I found it, I’d heard it was at Saks in New York, but not online. Finally I found it in the most unlikely of places: online at Who knew?

But onto the fabulousness. This is the Terra Inca Star Powder:


This powder is as fabulous as it looks. The container has a ‘resin’ feel to it.. not cheap. It’s weighted nicely and fits in to the hand without any issue. And the top is magnetized (no screwing on and off). Love that!

It swatches a distinct bronze-rose. I think this would be stunning as a blush or a highlight… even an eyeshadow. It’s gorgeous, and it feels divine going on… like silk. Guerlain really outdid themselves with this one.

It does come with a hefty price tag: $70. If you’re not into plunking down that much for an illuminating powder (you cannot  use this as a basic face powder… you will end up looking like a shimmery mess), then you might want to pass. But this thing is stunning, and a treasure to own. It’s all in how you look at it.