Hey Sugar Sugar…

I wasn’t kidding. I put a comment in the blog review:


So, maybe you can make it work. If you want it…

The Sleek Glitter Palette is yours.

Send me your addy (shahada@habibibody.com) and I’ll put it in the mail. If you can make the shadow stay… glitter and all with your shadow base… then KUDOS.

Enjoy it!

You’ve got 48 hours to respond to me with the addy. After that, I gotta pick someone else.

Miss: Sleek Glitter Palette

I got my Sleek i-Glitter Palette in the mail today. 

On the surface, it looks fine. the glitter appears to be IN the shadows. They pat on and swatch beautifully. Practical application is a completely different story:

Do you see any glitter ANYWHERE? No? Well, that’s likely because it fell out … all over my face… and I had to clean it off. The glitter does not stay with the shadow at all. Sooooooooo I’m going to go ahead and say that this is a bust. It’s a good idea on paper, but it simply does not translate. You’d do better with Sugarpill Chromalust loose shadows. At least with those, the glitter stays with the color.