Sheer Genius: Kimiko Hydrating Tint

This was an accident… a beautiful accident. I was in my local Beauty Supply Store looking for the MUFE Aqua Cream in Matte Black (they didn’t have it), found out that restocked the contraband known as MUFE Aqua Cream #19 (not the re-do in #26… they had that too), and got distracted by what may possibly be the last two Cargo Laguna Blushes on Earth (I got both of them)…

Somehow… my eye caught the Kimiko Display.

I don’t know anything about this brand. I found out that lots of the products double as skin care. I always love that idea. So I started playing around, and found that I was most attracted to the hydrating tint. Despite its incredibly thin, water based formula, it still seemed to ‘perfect’ my skin without offering any additional coverage.

The formula reminds me of the La Prairie Tinted Moisturizer (which I have and am  not nearly as impressed by, despite its long complicated list of ingredients and $100 sticker price). It comes in a variety of shades… the colors go but so dark. It turns out I’m the darkest shade that the company offers, in Nutmeg. It also offers an SPF of 20, and I need all the protection I can get.

I really love this formula. It’s weightless, and hydrating… without making my oily skin look or feel ‘oily.’ At more than half the price of La Prairie, I’m even more impressed. Plus, this color actually matches me. The darkest shade in the La Prairie lineup is still just a bit too light for me.

Definitely a keeper. I’m wearing this one until further notice, considering the fact that we’re still rocking triple digit temperatures in some parts of Southern California (yes, really). You can find out more about Kimko Hydrating Tint HERE.