Flawless Finish: By Terry Hyaluronic Primer & Powder

I have to be honest… when I first heard of these new products for By Terry I instantly thought PASS. Hyaluronic anything means moisture to me. And as a very oily girl, moisture in a product is the last thing I’m looking for.

But I was wrong.

These two items have quickly rotated to the top of my  ‘must have’ list. The Primer has a ‘matte’ finish (LOVE THAT) and attracts moisture from the air, into your skin. But it doesn’t encourage oil production (in fact, the matte finish discourages oil production) and it smooths out every fine line and wrinkle… it’s amazing.

By Terry Makeup Artist Brian Bracero explained to me that you can also use the primer to ‘seal’ the area around the eyes (over eye serum) before applying color corrector or concealer to the area. It helps ensure absolutely smooth application, and keeps the product from creasing or feathering over time.

Now this powder is on a whole new level. I thought the fine milled consistency of Make Up For Ever’s HD Powder was tops… but THIS blows that right out of the water. This powder is so finely milled that Brian advised me to keep the adhesive seal partially on the sifter. It will actually come ‘through’ the sides of the sifter if you’re not careful. It’s literally like a ‘cloud’ over your face. In fact, Brian advised me to use a foundation brush or my fingers to apply it. Using a powder brush would cause you to use way too much product… and most of it would end up in the ‘air’ instead of on your face anyway. It’s that fine.

I applied this using my fingers. When I diffuse it.. it completely disappears. Now, here’s what I’ve found. This powder does not work for me under ‘flash’ if I use a foundation brush alone. So I apply it with a foundation brush (to get it ON my skin), then diffuse it with a powder brush. Otherwise I get that ‘ashy cast’ in the flasback, that most HD Powders (MAC Prep & Prime/Make Up For Ever HD) are known for.

Like the primer, this powder is designed to attract moisture from the air and bring it into you skin. It keeps your skin hydrated, but not oily. I’m completely in love with the finish that it gives my makeup.

And because it’s By Terry (makeup as skin care), Brian informed me that you can even ‘seal’ your nighttime skin care routine with this powder, and go to sleep.


You can find out more about By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Primer and Hyaluronic Powder HERE.