Fragrance Preview: Whipped Honey

We’re trying out a new fragrance blend… in limited fashion.

You’re the first to know: For the month of February, we’ll add ‘Whipped Honey‘ to the list of fragrance selections for the following products:

Organic Raw Shea Body Scrub

Organic Raw Shea Body Balm

Organic Raw Shea Body Bar

Organic Essential Hair & Body Oil

It’ll be a February Feature… and disappear at the end of that month. There will be no bells or whistles or other such pomp and circumstance. It’ll come… and go… quietly. We’re interested in finding out how people feel about the fragrance blend. If they like it, we may add it to the permanent roster.

This is just a trial run.

So if you’re interested, keep an eye out for Whipped Honey!