I was watching Lisa Eldridge talk about getting away from typical golds and reds for the Holiday Season… and all I wanted to do was golds and reds. 😀

I get her point, but ‘smoky mink’ and fuchsia lips just aren’t my cup of tea. I’d totally do it on a super pale client, but gold, bronze, and brick reds are just a warm-toned girl’s dream come true… Holiday Season or otherwise.

Anytime I do a red lip, I’m a stickler for trying to keep the rest of the face as simple as possible on my face. Anytime I try to do something extra with a red lip, I slide right into ‘’ and it just looks awful on me.

My base is Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation in Camel. It’s just gorgeous and skin-like and keeps things pretty effortless. Even though it’s not full coverage, it blurs imperfections fullsizerender173enough to divert the eye away. Powder is Charlotte Tilbury Pressed in #02. I grabbed the Viseart contour/highlight palette and used the medium dark color in the hollows to really give my face dimension. Then I highlighted with Ardere Concealer in #5 (which is honestly the only color I can wear without going full drag). Blush is Chanel in Evening Beige.

Eyes are Chantecaille Chrome Lux… the bronze color from Gardens of Marrakesh. I contoured the eyes with the darkest color in the Lunasol Glossy Eyes Beige palette. Liner is Tom Ford and mascara is Armani.

Lips are my seasonal go to: Chanel Lip Ink in #154 (Experiemente). I got the line just perfect with Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani in Rock Steady.

Y’all have fun with the minks and the fuchsias this season… I’m all about that sparkle eye and red lip. Just saying.

Nailed: NARS Lal Mirchi vs Chanel Holiday

I wanted to see how NARS Lal Mirchi Nail Polish (from the Thakoon Collection) compared to Chanel’s Holiday Nail Polish (Summer 2012):

Chanel’s Holiday is definitely more orange. In NARS’ defense, Lal Mirchi is described as ‘Mandarin Red.’ In reality, it’s more of a red-orange.

                                              Holiday is on the left. Lal Mirchi is on the right.

I think that I much prefer Holiday… I love a good orange. But I’ll also give Lal Mirchi a whirl. Both polishes can be found on their company websites (, respectively.

Chanel: Summer 2012

Okay, all of my final picks for Chanel Summer 2012 are here…

This promo picture did two things for me: made me realize that I did not want the bronzer, and made me realize that I DID want that nail polish.

I got the eyeshadow duo in Sable Emouvant, Glossimer in Calypso, Nail Polishes in Island, Delight, and Holiday, and Eye Pencils in Peche Cuivre and Brun Intense.

Sable Emouvant
Island      Delight        Holiday
Peche Cuivre
Brun Intense
Swatched together:

I am VERY happy with my choices. I swatched the bronzers and found them both to be a bit on the ashy side for me. The Beige version is definitely more of a highlighter, and the rose is like an pink shiny highlighter. Pass on both. I think they are much better suited to fair skinned beauties.
Otherwise, I am REALLY pleased with this collection. I think there’s definitely something for everyone.


Since the contest thing was a bust last time… how about we do something different?

Let’s do a Holiday Giveaway starting the day after Thanksgiving (NOVEMBER 26TH).

Every Friday, until the end of the year, I’ll randomly select a winner. The winner will be notified by email and asked to provide a shipping address.

All you have to do is subscribe to/follow the blog!

Here are a few items that I’m giving away…
1-Dior Nail Polish in Czerina Gold
1-MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat
1-Habibi Body Balm in Vanilla & Rose
1-Kevyn Aucoin Stick Foundation in Beverly
1-MAC Beauty Powder in Briar Rose
1-MAC Pigment in Later
… and a whole lot more! The first winner will be announced/contacted on Friday.

My Holiday 2010: Favorite Things (blush)

Once upon a time, I treated blush as an option. GASP… I know! How dreadful of me to think that I could skip the step that gives the face its overall ‘glow?’ Eh, I’ve grown to realize that sometimes the right blush is just the thing to bring an entire face together.

I have a few absolute favorites that have nothing to do with the recent Holiday 2010 offerings. Some are new, some are not so new. But all of them stay in heavy rotation for one simple reason: they work.


The best peach glow I’ve gotten to date is from Chanel’s Joues Contraste Blush in ‘In Love’:

I’ve already talked about the quest for the perfect peach eyeshadow. It’s no different for blush. They tend to go pink on me… and if they have a shimmer… the result is more gold and less peach. In Love offers the perfect peachy flush for my medium brown skin. The best part is, it can be layered. You can use just a little for a sheer glow, or go over the area two or three times for a stronger color payoff. It blends out beautifully. I really have to give Chanel kudos for this one. In Love is my perfect peach.

For peachy shimmer, I consistently reach for Rock & Republic Blush in ‘Call Me’:

It’s probably not fair that I mention this blush. It’s currently impossible to get (Rock & Republic is phasing out, or at least changing their makeup line. The blushes remain sold out online and go for ridiculous prices on ebay. The store on Robertson is sold out… but may be able to order more from corporate. It’s worth a phone call: (310) 285-0486). This is the easiest blush I’ve ever used. The color payoff is sheer and shimmery… it’s what Nars Orgasm is to fair-skinned girls. Orgasm just goes pink glitterbomb on me. Call Me is a lovely alternative, with three times as much product and excellent blendability and longevity.


My perfect pink is Rock & Republic Blush in ‘Spank’:

This one is a bit easier to get hold of. It’s a light to medium matte pink. It looks pretty light in the pot, but goes on very pigmented. I’ve had it show up on a wide range of skin tones, and the result is always the same: soft pink flush. Like all Rock & Republic blushes, it’s tons of product with lots of color payout and lasting power. For me, it’s a must have. I keep a backup of this blush…. just in case the line goes the way of the dinosaur.

A darker interpretation of the pink flush comes courtesy of NARS blush in ‘Desire’:

I remember being a bit worried before I used this blush. I thought it would come out clown pink. But no… it blends out to a nice soft flush. It’s got a stronger color payoff than Spank, and works very well on medium to dark skin tones.

And if all else fails, there’s MAC Beauty Powder in Briar Rose:

I told you guys not to sleep on this one! I find this more Blush than Beauty Powder. I am a bit baffled about why MAC would call it such. It behaves like a blush in color payoff and staying power. What I really like about this blush is the packaging. It comes with its own mirror (MAC Blushes typically do not… so maybe it’s good that they treated this color as a Beauty Powder), and features a fabulous stencil of Malificent (Disney’s Sleeping Beauty). This was part of the Venomous Villans collection from MAC. There may be a few of  these still floating around in internet beauty land… I’m pretty sure they’re gone from counters and stores nationwide.


For the perfect ‘plum’ flush, I rely heavily on Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in ‘Plum Attraction’:

There’s a LOT of color payoff with this one, so a light touch is key! I’ve used it on a range of skintones from fair to deep, and it wears beautifully on everyone! You can layer this blush; it’ll go from sheer plum to bright prune, depending on how intense you want to go.

If you want to go a little darker, there’s MAC Blush in ‘Dirty Plum’:

It took me a while to get used to this. It came out as part of MAC’s Liberty of London collection. It really is a ‘dirty’ interpretation of plum… and I find that it can go muddy if you use too much. BUT with a light touch and a little bit of highlight, this blush really sings. I had to practice with it before it came out the way I wanted. Now I love it. I also find that it works on darker skin tones that have more of a ‘grey’ undertone to them. This color is less garish than other plum formulations, making it easier to blend out to a more natural cheek flush.


My favorite fuchsia comes courtesy of MAC Blush in ‘Full Fuchsia’:

It’s not a scary as it looks. But just know that a little goes a VERY long way. I find that if you use it just on the apples of the cheeks, it’s more ‘glow’ and less ’80’s rocker chic’ — unless of course, that’s the look that you’re going for. Every year, fuchsia blush colors seem to pop up in someone’s collection, but this remains my favorite of them all.

For ‘fuchsia shimmer’, nothing beats Rock & Republic Blush in ‘Kinky’:

Do you really want a fuschia shimmer? Well, why not? This is even more frightening than the MAC variety, but I promise that when used responsibly… the results are amazing. Needless to say, it requires a very light touch. A little goes on and on and on…
This is a must have for darker skin tones. It gives the face a ‘glow’ without looking garish. I use it a lot more than I ever thought I would. It’s a keeper.

Honorable Mention goes to Illamasqua. Their blushes in Expose (peach) and Nymph (matte pink) are noteworthy:

They can be a bit ‘powdery’ though, and don’t blend out as well as my favorites. But the color payoff is great, and they wear well all day.

That’s it! I know that none of them are really new in terms of this year (and this season), but all of them work for every conceivable Holiday 2010 look… or any time of the year!

Ciao for now!