Glow On: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder (Santa Barbara)

Bobbi Brown is offering a new way to ‘glow’ — with a collection of Illuminating Bronzing Powders that offer something for everyone. The latest addition to the collection is the ‘pink nectar’ color called Santa Barbara.
I thought this golden pink color was going to look a little juvenile on me.. but it’s so subtle that (believe it or not) I actually wore it lightly dusted as a finishing powder all over my face. I know! Sounds nuts… but it totally worked.

I know you guys are looking at these pictures and asking whether I temporarily lost my mind… but I promise you the finish is gorgeous and subtle. And although you can wear it as a blush or highlighter, some skin tones can actually get away with dusting this stuff all over.
The texture of this powder is extremely soft, and it can ‘dust’ everywhere when you use it, so be careful. I got a bunch of it on the brush and ended up  having to tap back into the pot because I’d picked up way too much. The coverage is very sheer, but you can layer it when using it as blush, to build up the color.
This is a HEAVY swatch. See. Subtle. Gorgeous. I love this stuff. Gave me a really healthy ‘glow’ without going overboard in the shimmer department. Totally recommend.
You can find out more about Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder HERE.

Glow On: Laura Mercier ‘SpellBound’ Face Illuminator

Even if you think you don’t need another highlighter (I certainly don’t need one)… the Laura Mercier SpellBound Face Illuminator is worth a swatch. Designed with a ‘warmer’ palette in mind… the shimmery highlighter is mostly golden, with just a hint of rose tossed in for good measure. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. The visual texture in the pan is like scrunched satin… with all of the light-catching nuances that such a thing would bring.

Pictures simply do not do this thing justice. It is so gorgeous.

You can find out more about Laura Mercier SpellBound Face Illuminator HERE.

Glow On: Les Delices de Chanel

Chanel went ‘pale’ for the summer, with a mostly ‘sheer’ color collection. A softly shaded quad, pearl shimmer highlight, and pale lippie pretty much scream ‘subtle’ and ‘barely there.’

The star of the collection for me is the highlight in Delice. Like Notorious, its odd coloring promises all kinds of possibilities. Now, warm skinned beauties might shy away from Delice because… let’s face it… it’s white. For us, that means ash-city. Well, I’m here to report that we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The highlight powder in Delice and the waterproof eye pencil in Purple Berry were my favorites from this collection.

It is nearly impossible to capture the dimension of this highlighter on camera. Although it looks like a flat white color, it’s actually shimmery and multi-dimensional. I thought that it might have a ‘silver’ shimmer undertone, but it doesn’t. There’s also a healthy dose of pink, gold, blue, and I want to say a little red in there.

This is a  heavy swatch. I wanted you to see that even on my warm skin tone, it doesn’t pull ashy. It looks like pearls on the skin… just beautiful. I was initially on the fence about this highlighter. Although I don’t have anything even remotely close to this kind of finish, I figured it would pull ashy. I ‘m so glad that I took a chance and got it anyway.

The waterproof pencil in Purple Berry is a cooler version of Grenat. These kinds of colors are very flattering on me, so I didn’t  hesitate with this one. Plus, with the summer temperatures reaching 100+ these days, I’m always happy for a waterpoof pencil.

I’d say this color is more ‘purple’ than ‘berry’ on me… but I still really like it.

You can find out more about Les Delices de Chanel HERE.

Glow On: Chanel MOUCHE DE BEAUTÉ Highlight

Do I really need another highlighter? Seriously? I silently wept when Chanel released the new Mouche De Beaute Highlighter this week, because there is the greatest chance that it will end up in my eager little hands.

I haven’t decided what to do just yet, especially because it reminds me a LOT of the Jasmine Highlighter from a few years back. Different design… same finish. I’m also still very enamored with the Spring 2013 version from the most recent collection.

We’ll see. Right now my CC is giving me the side eye because really… another day… another highlighter. Or is it?

Guerlain: Sun In The City Illuminating Powder

I’m a little late to the party on this. I didn’t initially jump for joy when I first heard of the new ‘Sun in The City’ Illuminating Powder from Guerlain, because really… do I need another highlighter?

But then I saw it in person:

There’s really no way to describe this thing and do it justice. But here goes…

It’s DISTINCTLY dark yellow-gold (fair skinned beauties, it may go yellow on you), and features the Guerlain logo and a specific wave pattern in the powder. It’s nearly a shame to swatch it. It’s that beautiful.

Like the Mosaic Bronzer, this thing is HUGE. There’s plenty of product in there, making it worth the $70 asking price.

This is a swatch with just my index finger… one swipe:

I touched just the very corner of the pan to get this swatch. I blended it out easily with my fingers. It leaves a distinct golden shimmer on the skin. I absolutely love it… it’s stunning. So if you want it, and can swing the $70, I say go for it. It’s definitely a treasure in its own right.

You can find out more about Guerlain’s ‘Sun In The City’ HERE.