So I dragged my tail to IMATS this year to see if anything had changed. It has. I ditched the show a few years ago after it became more of a blogger meetup than a professional convention. I know there had been some rigamoro about people getting kicked out for holding meet and greets and what not. Besides being a damn fire hazard, vendors who paid good money to be there were overrun by people whose sole interest was to see their favorite whozit. Anyway, it was much more business as usual this year. More education, more makeup, more art. Anyway it’s not like anyone is displaced…

There’s always Beautycon.

So I went back, and had an actual good time. I did a couple of interviews, a lot of scouting, and paid special attention to brands that are doing more than shitting out shoddy product for a quick buck. I noticed that all the pedestrian activity took place outside the convention center, and the appearance of a few vloggers garnered a squeal and a hug, but no mobs and no shenanigans.

And no I didn’t get the Anastasia Lip Palette. Yes, I hear it’s amazing. But that show discount… no ma’am. I’ll just get it from Naimies.

Anyway, those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I ended up with some essential brushes (I had to replace my base set) from Hakuhodo, a random Sugarpill shadow, a whole stack of colorfix pigments from Danessa Myricks, highlighters and lipgloss from Jouer, and an insane lipstick and lipgloss set from LORAC.

I got the highlighters because they are a ‘dry’ cream and I found that they buff out subtle and beautiful on skin. I tried it over foundation and they worked fine with a synthetic brush. They are not super obvious though so if you’re into a major reflective highlight they won’t work for you.


From the left, camellia, tiare and champagne. The lipgloss, Frostbite, is on the far right.


These pigments from Danessa Myriks are INSANE. I bought four, then went back and bought four more.

From the left: Rustic, Iconic, Truth, Chocolate, Primary Red, Fireworks, Wild Orchid, and Blackout. I tried to swatch them but I ended up smashing color everywhere. These drops primary-redare honestly too big. you need a pin-head sized drop to cover the surface of an eyelid. You can use them everywhere, so I tried Primary Red as lipstick. Worked like a charm. And because it’s so weightless and you need such a little bit, it kind of outdoes your average matte liquid lipstick. I am over the moon about them, but they DO require a learning curve. All of the shimmers work fine with no real effort, but the mattes are more loose and have to be used sparingly and with a good precise brush. I did a real life text with two of them (through hot yoga) and they performed beautifully. They really do last, and you really have to take them off with an oil based sugarpill-1cleanser or the strongest micellar water on the planet… like from Natura Siberica. Suffice to say I’m in love.

I got ‘The Inventor’ shadow from Sugarpill, because my sister was on the phone with me and insisted on the colors from the Edward Sissorhands palette (which is no more). Anyway, that’s how that happened. I like it BUT it’s not as dark as I thought it would be. I’m going to use Myrik’s Blackout as a base and see if that changes things to my liking.

The LORAC swatches are coming. 20 colors (10 lipsticks and 10 lipglosses) are gonna take me a minute. Plus warm mattes and what not.

Ciao for now!



Makeup Show Haul: NARS Matte Multiple

This is the first in a series that I’ll do for each thing that came home with me from The Makeup Show LA. I want to separate the posts because I feel like massive posts about hauls really don’t do the products justice. Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot more savvy about what I’ll buy and what I’ll pass by. Much of the stock at The Makeup Show can be purchased online or at local beauty supply stores for the same (and sometimes LESS … Stila, I’m looking at you) than the show price.

Onto the haul.

The NARS Matte Multiple is beyond… just BEYOND. I really didn’t think I was going to like them, as I’m not the biggest fan of the standard multiple. I’m not keen on all that shimmer, and the staying power on some of the colors are suspect. But all that changed when I tried the Matte Multiple.

From the Left:

Anguilla (Cool Medium Pink)

Exhumas (Pink Apricot)

Siam (Reddish Coral)

Laos (Warm Rose)

Altai (Ash Brown)

Vientiane (Reddish Brown)

Cappadoce (Neutral Brown)

The texture of these multiples is very silky. I imagine it’s chock full of silicone. Reminds me a lot of silicone based foundations. The formula can be sheered out or layered for more intensity, and the finish imitates skin. I’m really impressed. The cooler brown works extremely well for contour, as does the darkest brown. Every single color is flattering on my warm skin tone, so I’d go so far as to say most of these colors are pretty universal.

While these multiples set nicely, they are not immune to creasing on a really oily skin type. I’d recommend setting them with the help of primers and powders. On a normal or drier skin, I found that they set without any help, and were very kind to the driest of skin types with a little help from a moisturizing primer (no flaking).

Overall, I’m quite impressed with these and say they are well worth the 39.00 purchase price.

You can find out more about NARS Matte Multiples HERE

PHAME Expo: Sugarpill Haul + Swatches

Here’s what came home with me from Sugarpill:

The Pro Palette:

As you may (or may not) know, the pro palette is simply three of the regular Sugarpill Palettes smashed together in one palette. I have the smaller palettes (which I’m gifting to my little sister), but I got this one because it’s a lot more convenient to have all of the colors in one palette. The black shadow is missing from this palette, but I don’t really mind.

Top Row:

Bottom Row:

I also got the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette:

And I thought I was done, but the Elektro Cute Loose Pigment in Hi-Viz caught my eye:

Believe it or not, this swatch really doesn’t capture the magnificence of this pigment. It’s neon bright, and sparkly all at once. There are other colors like royal blue, fuchsia, peach, and green… but the yellow simply sparkles the best in my opinion. It is totally amazing.

Random MAC Haul

It’s been a few days since my last post… been trying to pull all the other parts of my life in order. LOL. But, I think I’m back on track now.

I ordered some random stuff from MAC…

Body Oils in Man Rays and Seaside
  Casual Lip and Cheek color in  Out for Fun and Evening Stroll

 Lipglass in Rebel
Man Rays
Out for Fun
Evening Stroll
(had to kill the flash. This color photographed AWFUL with flash)
(nearly impossible to get a lips swatch. Boo! I’ll wear it in an FOTD)
That’s my random MAC haul. More (better) posts coming… including the Clarisonic giveaway (ya’ll remember that, right? It’s still relevant.). That’s it for the moment… Ciao for now!

IMATS 2012: The Haul

This year I hit IMATS with a budget and a plan: NO MAKEUP! Seriously, there is no need for me to add a single piece of makeup to my collection… especially not from IMATS. The discounts are nice… but the makeup stations are always a feeding frenzy. I find that it’s best to plan ahead. So I did.

I called Hakuhodo ahead of time and placed my order. That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about what they brought to the show, and what they left behind. With the exception of replenishing my Velour Lashes stash (I used them all on the models for the Agenda Magazine cover), that’s all I really planned on buying.

I took pictures of the brushes separately (I got 10 in all) because I thought they looked better that way:

Angled Face Powder Brush
Pointed Face Powder Brush
Highlighter Brush
3 Eye Shadow Brushes (Small/Med/Large)
 2 Crease Brushes (Small/Med)
 1 Angled Brush (brows/lashline)
1 Mascara Spoolie
Now, of course these brushes are not necessary. I am, however, upgrading my brush collection (and sending the lot of my original brushes to my little sister)… and I opted to add the Hakuhodo Vermillion Brushes to my collection. I’m slowly building. I’d like to use mostly Hakuhodo brushes in the future. I love their symmetry and performance, and I think they’re worth every penny. I’ll finish this collection up likely next year. I have plenty to work with for now.
I also restocked my Velour Lashes stash. I’m fond of the ‘Complete Me’ Lashes because they’re very long and can accommodate a wide range of eye sizes and shapes. You can cut them and not lose the overall look and feel of the lash, which is fabulous. 
I admit to being a first-timer with Model in a Bottle. I’ve heard amazing things about this product, but I’ve never gotten around to actually using it. So this time, I plunked down a few dollars for the original formula and the sensitive skin formula. I can’t wait to test it out in this summer heat!
There was a fantastic show special on brush cleaner (this is my favorite brand), so this purchase was a no brainer. I was out of brush cleaner, and I got this little ‘show kit’ for the price of a regular bottle of cleaner.
My final purchase was a makeup book called ‘Makeup Is Art.’ I bought it because I liked the practical aspect of the makeup. I’m always interested in unusual color combinations and placement, but I tend to lean toward more wearable creations. The cover notwithstanding… the inside is full of looks and ideas that can easily be interpreted into editorial… and even practical applicaton.
That’s it… that’s my haul! See… NO MAKEUP! I  had a really good time this year. I’m really happy with the experience, and my purchases. 
We’ll do it again next year!

The Makeup Show LA (2012): The Haul

Hey Guys!

Here’s what I ended up hauling from The Makeup Show. I went in with a (mental) list and a budget, and even ‘pre-ordered’ my Hakuhodo Brushes, because they don’t bring everything to the shows. So I knew exactly what I wanted when I went in. I also  managed to score a few ‘unexpected’ gems.

Kevyn Auctoin Radiant Diaphanous Powder (2), and one sculpting powder in Medium
Anastasia Lipgloss in Bellini, Brow Gels in Espresso and Granite (backups), and Lash Genius (makes any mascara waterproof)
OCC Liptars in Pennyroyal and Belladonna
3 Varities of Velour Mink Lashes:
Complete Me
Naughty Me
They’re Real?
Naughty Me
Inglot Body Pigment in #189
Shimmer Nude Loose Powder (for Brown Beauties)
Cinema Secrets Travel Brush Cleaner Spray
Senna Pro Palettes:
Neutral Mattes
Vivid Shimmers
These things are HUGE, about 13 inches across and 7 inches high. The palette is magnetic and the pots are transferrable. I always forget about this brand, and then I try it and fall in love all over again. I’m on this quest to ‘consolidate’ my kit. This is a great step in that direction.
And finally:
Kokutan Brushes from Hakuhodo. I planned for this. It’s time to seriously upgrade my brush collection (many of my brushes are nearly 20 years old), and I’ve wanted to do this for some time. I’ve been saving for Hakuhodo since… seems like forever. 
The amount of work and care that goes into these brushes is simply unmatched. They are truly amazing. I got the Kokutan Series first… I plan to get the S-Series later this year. They’ll only come out for my regulars… I have a loyal client roster (that pays early and often… love that) that I see year after year. I think it’s time that I treated them to the ultimate brush experience. I’ll also use them for brides and ‘really’ special occasions. But for editorial/runway and what not, these have to stay at home. I don’t want to risk tearing them up in the frenzy of those kinds of jobs.
That’s my haul! Hope you guys enjoyed… Ciao for now!

Swatches: Rock & Republic Eyeshadow Haul

As promised, here are the eyeshadow swatches from my recent Rock & Republic Haul:

Scene           Fade          Ciggy
Adrenaline       Corrosive       Emerge
Hangover       Chain Link       Privilege
Ambition           Fuel