Lip Service: Beaute Cosmetics

If it’s true that success can be determined by doing one thing and doing it well, then Beaute Cosmetics is living the dream. Instead of offering a wide range of makeup items, Beaute focuses on one thing: Lips.

The company also offers a range of makeup brushes and tools. But the primary focus for this company is on the lips.

You’d think that focus would translate into a selection of lipsticks, and maybe a few glosses. But that’s not the case. Instead, Beaute Cosmetics has defined itself with a cozy range of Liqui-Gel Lip Stains, Weightless Lip Cremes, and Luminous Volume Lip Glosses.

This week, a lovely little box arrived, with three of Beaute’s bestsellers: Liqui-Gel Stain in Harlot, Weightless Lip Creme in Girlina, and Luminous Volume Lip Gloss in Allure.

Isn’t that just gorgeous?
Harlot       Allure        Girlina
Lip Stain   Lip Gloss   Lip Creme
First impressions are that Harlot would be a good match for my skin tone, but Allure and Girlina might be better reserved for fair-skinned beauties. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to properly swatch them on my warm skin tone. But my worries were for naught, because all of the colors adapted beautifully. I was surprised and impressed that the colors didn’t just ‘sit there’ (as most cool colors tend to do on me). They actually took on a flattering warmth, without help from lip pencils and warmer toned glosses.

Now, the lip gloss and lip creme colors still look like they might be awful on me, right? Look what happens when I put them on my lips:

Luminous Volume Gloss in Allure

I know! I was surprised too. The color totally ‘warmed up’ to my skin-tone an set beautifully. I kept looking at it in different light (natural and artificial) because I just KNEW I was going to step outside looking like I  had no idea how to wear a flattering lip color.

Weightless Lip Creme in Girlina
Same for the lip creme. I really thought this swatch was going to come out awful. The cream went on opaque, warmed a bit, then set. That’s just my lips with no liner and no ‘help’ (warmer lip gloss) to make it more flattering. It wore a medium pink on me. And it really is weightless. I was a little worried that my lips would dry out because of the light feeling formula, but surprisingly that didn’t happen.
Liqui-Gel Stain in Harlot

I’m showing you this initial swatch, because I want you to see how OPAQUE this gel-stain is. My lips are pigmented (and two different colors to boot) and the stain completely evened everything out. That is ONE coat. It’s not ‘watery’ like most stains. It goes on like a lip balm, without the moisturizing properties. You do have to wear a clear gloss over this stain to get the full effect.

After I applied the stain and let it set (about 30 seconds), I put the Allure gloss over it, and here’s what happened:

Love that 3-D effect! I was so excited that I ran out to show my husband (who was thoroughly unimpressed. It’s a guy thing). Just the addition of the gloss enhanced the stain and gave my lips a look that I normally achieve with a pencil, lipstick, and sometimes two different colored lip glosses.

I tested the ‘staying power’ of the stain by giving hubby a big kiss…

The gloss faded a bit, but as you can see, the stain stayed put! I’m totally impressed. Beaute took the time to formulate products that actually work, and the proof is in the pictures. The most noteworthy items for me are the Weightless Lip Creme, and the Liqui-Gel Stain. I’ve never used anything like that stain. It’s the most potent formula I’ve ever come across.

I was a fan of Beaute Cosmetics before these items arrived (I have the Lip Cremes in Masochist and Severine), and these lippies have only served to strengthen my love for the brand. Beaute Cosmetics is proof positive that if you do one thing (or three) and do it well, you’ll likely end up miles ahead of the competition.

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