Glow On: LORAC 3d Lustre (Gold)

You guys remember when I went nuts over the first LORAC 3d Lustre Drops? Well, Carol Shaw did it again… this time in gold:

I was so excited when I saw these drops that I nearly forgot to test them first (what if they sucked?)… and immediately popped a bottle into my basket. Like its predecessor, the golden lustre drops can be used just about anywhere on the face, and offer a distinctly ‘golden’ highlight. The drops also set in about 20 seconds (I found it did not budge after that time) and a little goes a very long way.

That’s one drop.

Look at that! Amazing, right? Just pure gold. I was completely blown away by the opacity of the color and the depth of the golden shimmer. Just gorgeous.

This stuff is fantastic. I love it. I had to take it off with makeup remover… it truly would not move without a little extra cleansing, so I think I’ll work very well on this oily skin of mine.

You can find out more about LORAC’s Liquid Lustre Drops HERE.