Lip Service: YSL Pur Couture: Golden Lustre

I  have been waiting with bated breath for these! The ‘Golden Lustre’ lipsticks feature a healthy dose of white, yellow, or rose gold.
I got to play with them last night, and most of them are simply wonderful. It was hard to choose just ONE… but since I’ve put myself on a budget (what?), I had to do it. So I chose the most unusual shade, Ochre Rose, because it’s the most universally flattering.

Now, you’d think that this insanely light pink lipstick would look completely awful on me, right? Nope! Thanks to a healthy dose of yellow gold, this pink shade is totally warm…

Now, here’s the kicker: Little Sister Amanda tried this on too (and ya’ll know she is whiter than white.. and blonde to boot), and it looked wonderful on her too! This was the only color in the collection that both of our lips could agree on, so it was a no-brainer for me. I love that I’ll be able to use it on a wide range of skin tones.