Golden Globe Gorgeous: Red Carpet Faves

The Golden Globe Awards are now underway…

The carpet did not disappoint. Some people tried something new (I’m not really sure what Marion Cotillard was thinking, and Nicole Kidman… just NO), and some stuck to what they know (Halle… really?)…

Still, there were some standouts this year. Here are the ensembles that caught me eye:

Jennifer Lopez rarely disappoints. Every now and then, she steps away from what she knows works for her, and the results have not always been good. But tonight, she was on point. The ‘wedding style’ dress ended up looking less matrimonial than it might have on someone else. The hair and makeup were perfectly JLo, and the purse just brought it all together. Love it. Now… how much do you want to bet that someone will have this designed for their wedding? Watch…
Stacy Keibler kept it simple (when your accessory is George Clooney, you can afford to keep it simple) in a strapless number that worked, even with the horizontal stripes. She looked easygoing and effortless, and really drove home the point that you look best when you don’t look like you’re trying too hard.
I was initially on the fence about this look. Kerry Washington has been wearing a lot of ‘shifts’ lately to accommodate her very tiny frame. Tonight, she opted for a shimmery version of what is in reality a very boring cut. And the hair is not helping her cause. I felt like it almost took away from the details on the dress. But in the end, the whole thing kind of worked with the sparkling embellishment and sheer bottom. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it. And then when Kerry took the stage and I saw it in motion, I liked it even more.
I kind of thought that I wasn’t going to like this look on Julianna Margulies, but it actually comes together very nicely. She got the memo on pulling the hair back, so that the dress really shines. She looks effortless, even with that embellishment on the dress. And I really like her makeup for this look. Overall, it’s dressy but not overdone. It works.
Halle Berry is in this post… not because she’s among the best… but because I really want her to get a new look. This cut was fabulous the first time, and even the second… and the third. But now… it’s kind of played. You’re a gorgeous woman, and we can’t remember a fashion miss in in recent history. You’re typically on the mark… except when it comes to this freakin’ dress. We know you love Elie Saab (I’m assuming this is also Elie Saab), we know you love this cut. I’m not sure what’s going on with the hip hanging out and that god-awful print… but Halle, it’s time to try something different. 
That’s it! Those are my picks from the Golden Globes Red Carpet. Ciao for now!