Covet Worthy: Dior Gold Touch Eyeshadow

You guys know by now that I’m a sucker for a good gold ANYTHING. And I’m an even bigger sucker for a powder eyeshadow that is so creamy, and so pigmented, that it deserves covet-worthy status!

When it comes to this particular shadow, Dior certainly has the Golden Touch:

Isn’t that GORGEOUS? Just plush and quilted and full of golden goodness! It is so soft to the touch… like a cream. Just feels DIVINE going on. Blends out beautifully too. Of all the single shadows, I liked this one the most. The others (with the exception of Argentic) seemed to skip or be stingy with the color payoff. But not this one.

That’s why I’m giving one away. It’s THAT good. Good luck to whoever wins it. It’s totally worth it!