Lise Watier: Holiday 2011

If the promo pic is any indication ,the Holiday 2011 Collection for Lise Watier is all about shimmer. By the time I saw this collection, most of the goodies were sold out. Not to worry, I managed to score what I think is the crown jewel of the collection: The Golden Lip Gloss.

What’s interesting (and rather awesome) about this gloss is that it has both gold and silver glitter, but it’s encased in a distinctly golden gloss. The glitter is not weird or chunky. It’s actually the best incorporation of glitter that I’ve seen in gloss, in a long time.

Now, I know it looks like the silver sparkles are ‘black’ on my lips, but trust me.. it’s all shimmer and shine. I really love this gloss. In fact, I love it so much that I’m paying it forward in an upcoming giveaway. Details coming… ciao for now!