MAC Holiday 2012: Glamourdaze

I feel like most of this collection I’ve either seen before, or is best suited to fair skinned beauties. But I did manage to find some gems in the MAC Glamourdaze collection.

 Eye Kohl in Mystery
Blush in Small Vanity
Mineralize Shadow in Stylishy Merry
Eye Kohl in Orpheus
Blush in I’m The One
Mineralize Shadow in Round Midnight
Small Vanity
(my favorite from the collection)
Stylishly Merry
I’m The One
Round Midnight
These were definitely my favorites from the collection. There was a TON to choose from, and I feel like there’s truly something for everyone (in keeping with the MAC tradition of trying to be all things to all people). You can find out more about MAC Glamourdaze collection HERE.

Scene & Heard: MAC Paint By Numbers

I spent the evening at the MAC Pro Store in Beverly Hills for a ‘Paint By Numbers’ Event. I thought there would be more painting and less… selling. But hey, MAC is a business after all, and it’s not like they’re lacking for fans. The place was PACKED.

Model being Painted By Numbers
The Glamour Daze Collection was out… and partially sold out. The center blush (Small Vanity) is divine. I can understand why it sold out so quickly.
That’s it! I had a good time. I ended up with one blush and one eyeshadow from the Glamour Daze Collection.