Gilt City LA: Best Of LA

I stepped out after the sun went down, to sample Gilt City’s Best Of LA. Gilt is a shopping lover’s haven, with deep discounts on everything from designer duds to common kitchen ware. There’s also a ‘city specific’ portion of the website, that offers sales and promotions on some of the best places/services that an area has to offer.

I traipsed over to Cake Mix in West LA (free valet parking – PRICELESS) to see what was what.

Neiman Marcus’ youngest designer (in his sixth season!) and model wearing one of his designs.
Any event that comes complete with actual food (and not just an open bar) is all right with me.
Juice! Juice! Juice! Juice! Juice!
These lovely ladies at The Broot will ‘custom make’ your hair care … depending on your specific needs.
Had I not already been wearing a full face of makeup, I might have taken a seat in one of ‘The Fairest’ Studio chairs.
The ladies from the Spa at the Beverly Wilshire gave me the most awesome massage. They convinced me to book an appointment with merely a touch.
Blowouts… courtesy of the folks at John Frieda Salon.
Manicures from Express Spa in Hollywood
Cycle House (make mental note to further investigate the effects of spinning on this this tushy)
I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll start my diet tomorrow…