FOTD: Grey (light over dark)

More pigmented goodness from the Tarte for True Blood palette:

Illamasqua Skin Base (14)
Guerlain Giant Mosaic Bronzer
YSL Blush Radiance in #3
Tarte Eyeshadow in Werewolf (brows)
Bobbi Brown Peach Color Corrector (brow bone)
Tarte Eyeshadow in Stake (outer corner)
Tarte Eyeshadow in The True Death (inner corner)
Dior Eye Pencil in Grey Smoke (waterline)
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
Haughty Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Have Faith
**My eyebrows are incredibly scrappy. Forgive them… it’s not their fault. I’m growing them out.**

Guerlain Summer 2011: Giant Mosaic Bronzer

Because I truly don’t know what to do with myself right now, I will just post or something. As we process our sudden loss, I seem to be trying to fill every second with something…

Here is the Giant Mosaic Bronzer:

I got it Friday, before learning that my friend had passed,  and was all set and excited to post a review… and then the news…

And well. That’s about it.

This bronzer is HUGE… twice the size of the regular bronzers. It doesn’t feature the resin/wood finish of the Terra Inca Radiant Powder (It retails for one dollar less… at 69.00), or the mirror that comes with the other bronzers, but it more than makes up for that in size.

The Mosaic pattern on this bronzer is simply stunning. The gold that you see is overspray… it goes away with just one or two swipes. After that, it behaves like a traditional bronzer…


I swatched twice… the one on the left has more of the gold overspray; and on the right is likely the color it will end up being once (most of) the overspray is gone.

Like all Guerlain Bronzers, this one is finely milled and can be used a number of ways. I can see using this one as a contour (once the overspray is gone) and even as an eyeshadow.
I really like this. I have to give Shontay ( credit for bringing this to my attention… I would not have even know about it, had she not posted a link. Thanks Girl… now Guerlain has even more of my money. 🙂