Eye Adore: LORAC Front of the Line Pro

This is good stuff. I was hesitant to give this eyeliner a try because of the tip. It’s like a wet paintbrush, and in my experience… that’s not such a good thing because the product has a tendency to bleed. But that’s not the case with this particular eyeliner.

See what I mean about the tip? Like a wet paintbrush. But LORAC found a way to make the product stay on the brush until you use it… and dispense it with incredible precision.

You can wield this brush with confidence because the product will go exactly where you want it to. I wanted to see what happened when I pressed a little harder on the brush to dispense more product (for a thicker line)…

It responds to pressure and placement. I have to say… I’m impressed. I cannot promise that it’ll replace my go to liner (Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner), but I’m certainly going to get plenty of use out of it.