Prepping for Work

I have a few projects coming up for the rest of the month, and I had to take stock of my supplies and make a trip to the local beauty havens. I normally get my essentials from three key supply stores:

This one is the biggest. They carry a few of the commercial brands, like MAC and NARS and Bobbi Brown. They’re also open 7 days a week, which helps a lot. They just got Make Up For Ever in the store… but most of the stock is sold out because they had a party and folks went nuts.

I also get Make Up For Ever essentials from this place:

I also like this place for Special FX items, removers, sanitizers and basic beauty items. This was the first place to carry Make Up For Ever in my area for pros, so I spend a lot of time there. They also carry OCC, Becca and Kevyn Aucoin… which helps a lot.

This place is where I get my Chantecaille goodies. I will be spending a LOT of time there in the coming months, as I cozy up to the brand. lol
So in recent days, I’ve hit all three places to grab a few essentials for my first project next week:

Lashes! Lots and lots of lashes. I keep a bunch of lashes of different kinds… because I never know what a look is going to call for. If I can, I try to keep stock of ‘regular’ lashes, and over the top versions. I found cheap imitations of Smoke & Mirrors Lashes (my favorite) and these feather lashes that might go well with a show that I have coming up this month.

Make Up For Ever Pure Pigements in #0 and #24. I’ll use these to adjust foundations. We have a LOT of multi-ethnic models coming in, and I want to be prepared. I also need the yellow and orange colors (and a red) but everyone seems to be out of stock. Boo! I may have to break down and get them from Sephora.

Make Up For Ever Uplight in #32. Because I just wanted it. I plan to get them ALL one day. But for now, I’m just getting one at a time.

Every now and then, Naimies will have a discontinued MAC product that I’d be silly not to get. This is the Lip Gelee in Amber Rose. I don’t know why they stopped making these. They were so good.

That’s all I got for now. Over the next week or so I need to secure the rest of those pigments.

Ciao for now!