Hey guys…

I just noticed the ‘follow’ link at the top of this blog page!

If you’re having any issues following… click ‘follow’ just above the blogger heading. It works like GFC, sort of.
You will automatically end up following the blog if you click that link at the top. Remember that I can see you in my dashboard (your follower name and avatar)… so I know that you’re there.

Blogger is still working on the follower gadget issue. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.

Plus, you can still follow by email. Sorry for the inconvenience. I know that it’s pretty frustrating.

**Additional note: When I click on your names or avatars, I can confirm whether or not you’re publicly following the blog. If you are, ‘Adventures In Makeup’ will come up under ‘blogs I follow.’ If you’re not, then Adventures In Makeup will not show up, and when I verify, I won’t be able to enter you into any giveaways. The basic rule is that you have to be a public follower. Please keep that in mind when you choose your public/private settings for following the blog.**