MAC: Indulge

MAC is… as always… the master of absolutely stunning imagery. The new Indulge Collection features a selection of richly hued eyeshadows, lippie, nail polishes and fluidlines. I fell in love with a few of the more ‘opulent’ offerings… both in name and sparkle content.

Eyeshadow in Three Ring Yellow
Fluidline in Gilt Gourmet
Fluidline in Deliciously Rich
Nail Polish in Magnificent Feast
Three Ring Yellow
Gilt Gourmet and Deliciously Rich
Magnificent Feast
I also found a Farasha Eyeshadow (Art Of The Eye Collection) buried in the back of the MAC Warehouse…

Although it’s not part of the Indulge Collection (and is otherwise sold out), I thought it was rather perfect that I was able to get it with this order.

Mini MAC Haul

I have a love/hate relationship with MAC. Since I got my professional start there, I will always be grateful to the folks who trained me and turned me loose into the world of makeup. From MAC, I’ve learned skills and techniques that I would never have picked up on my own (and even under some other instruction).

That said… I REALLY wish the company would choose quality over quantity. I sometimes feel like they’re trying to keep up with this fickle customer base who bores easily from the 10 million mediocre products currently in circulation… so they introduce a new collection. It can be exhausting (and expensive) trying to keep up. So I don’t. Every now and then something really stands out (Venomous Villans/Malificent)… but most of it is a pass for me. 

Onto business. I stopped by the pro store and picked up these four items:

with flash/and without

From the Mickey Contractor Collaboration… the Saffron eyeshadow, the Sur Blush, and the Siahi Fluidline (which I fully intend to use as an eyeshadow). From the Peacocky Collection… the Kissable Lip Color in Love Peck.

These were the real standouts in both collections for me. The rest, I didn’t really care for. The Mehr (Mickey Contractor) lipstick looked wonderful in theory, but was unsatisfying with practical application. No comment on repromotes like Carbon (REALLY?) and Folie (I got my first pot of Folie in 1997).

The peacocky eyeshadows are lovely, but easily dupeable. They’re larger (the size of the mineralize eyeshadows) than typical MAC  pots, but still. None of those colors spoke to me.

I did a mini swatch of the Kissable Lip Color:

Both with flash and without, it’s a stunning black based red. I think this one is worth a backup. The other colors are typical and dupeable. Even the fuschia one looks like Illamasqua’s Petulant gloss, which I hardly use. But this one really stood out to me. I love a good red lippie… the darker the better.

I also swatched the Siahi fludline… because really, it defies description:

Whether with flash/without flash… it totally rocks! It’s a black based teal. It reminds me of the Paint Pot in Delphi (which they don’t make anymore)… but with a darker base. I like it. Totally not using it as a liner. Why limit that gorgeous color to a simple lashline?

Anyway, that’s my mini haul. Ciao for now!