Blushed: Armani Fluid Sheers (5, 8, 9, 12)

Spring/Summer Makeup Season saw the release of 6 new Fluid Sheers from Giorgio Armani Beauty. I reviewed two of them (4 – Golden Yellow and 6 – Coral) in a previous post:

Here are the other four.

#5 is a sheer golden peach. I’ve been using it as a ‘base’ to tint my skin before putting on foundation. It warms up my overall color and gives me a peachy ‘glow’ without looking too obvious. This color, and #4 are the only one of the new fluid sheers that I recommend using that way. The rest are better suited to adding as highlight, cheek, or eye color.

#8 is an icy lavender pink. It’s very cool, and looks amazing on fair skinned beauties. But warmer tones can sheer it out for a bit of highlight. I found that it also mixes very well with liquid/cream blush formulations, to cool down colors or give a flat color a shimmery boost.

#9 is a stunning warm strawberry pink color, that creates the most gorgeous flush on a wide range of skin tones. It is absolutely beautiful. I’m experimenting with wearing it on my lips as well. This color just screams summertime. I love it.

#12 is a warm bronze-plum color that works extremely well on warmer skin tones. It’s highly pigmented like #9 and can be used on eyes, cheeks and maybe even lips. This is the most pigmented fluid sheer of the bunch, and likely the most versatile on the widest range of skin tones.

All of the fluid sheers are on the thin side, and I find that they work best when used with fingers. If you use a brush… quick strokes are key before the formula sets. I found they were beautifully on bare skin, or over thin layers of foundation.

You can find out more about Armani Fluid Sheers HERE.

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April Favorites

Hey Guys,

Here’s what’s topping my list for the month of April.

Skinetica Anti-Blemish Treatment.

OMG this stuff WORKS! It’s the most gentle, non-intrusive, non-threatening blemish treatment I’ve ever used on this sensitive skin of mine… and it WORKS. It’s ridiculously easy to use… just put a little on a cotton ball and swipe over clean skin. Any acne that you have starts to dry up wihin 24 hours… my skin was ‘flat’ (no bumps) within 72  hours… and dark spots (I have hyperpigmentation) started lightening up by the end of the week. I MUST get more of this before I run out. They ship from the UK so I can’t be completely out by the time I order. I cannot recommend this stuff enough. Get into it!

Becca Luminous Skin Colour. (Nut)

This will be my Summer foundation… no doubt about it. It’s the sheerest coverage you can imagine… but when you put it on, it reflects light and makes you skin look flawless. It beats Senna’s Barely Base for three reasons: 1) It has an SPF of 25, 2) It is completely weightless, and 3) It comes in an insane range of skin colors with special attention to every conceivable undertone. I love it.

Armani Fluid Sheer (6).

This is my favorite of the new Armani Fluid Sheer colors. The coral-orange color just screams summer… and it’s shot through with just enough gold to give you a ‘glow.’ It’s easy to use… I tap it on bare skin or mix with a little foundation to hit the ‘blushing’ points of the face. Perfect for warmer undertones… but can be used from pale to dark skin…. with just a small adjustment in the amount used.

Burberry Eyeshadow (Gold Trench).

This is the perfect eyeshadow… to look like you’re not wearing any. I know, sounds like a waste. But it’s not. On pale skin tones, Gold Trench adds a natural ‘smoke’ that looks really effortless. On warm skin tones… it adds a glow. The color is incredibly neutral and flattering. Good Stuff

The Balm Tinted Lip Gloss (Ruby My Grapefruit).

I’ve been using this lip gloss for YEARS. I can’t tell you how many tubes I’ve gone through. I discovered it in the dusty back of a local beauty supply store (back before anyone had even really  heard of the brand), and fell in love. It stings like DuWop but not nearly as much… leaves your lips soothed and ‘puckered’ all at once. There’s just enough color to enhance your face… and it’s so easy to put on that you don’t even need a mirror. This is the only color I’ve ever liked. There are tons more to choose from, but Ruby My Grapefruit has always been my favorite.

That’s it! Those are my favorites for April. Ciao for now!

FOTD: Sheer Color

Since my skin is doing a bit better (the zit is gone! the zit is gone!), I went sheer for a quick FOTD:

Becca Luminous Foundation in Nut
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal
Armani Fluid Sheer in #6 (blush)
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Burberry Single Shadow in Gold Trench 
Burberry Effortless Mascara
Burberry Lip Glow in Mallow Pink

Glow On: Armani Fluid Sheers (New Colors)

For Spring/Summer 2013… Armani released six new shades of fluid sheers… in fabulous new packaging!

Four of the colors… like this amazing coral… simply scream summer. There is also a bright yellow gold, peach, and cool pink. The other two colors are more like autumn/winter shades. There is a deep fuchsia and a burnished burgundy color.

The yellow gold (#4) and the coral (#6) ended up coming home with me. The peach looked too much like the By Terry version (Or de Rose in Coral Rose) and the cool pink color will come home with me at a later date.

You can sheer these all the way out, blend them with foundation, or even a loose oil for a body blush or shimmer. I even mixed a little bit in a clear balm and turned it into a gloss. These are amazing. I intend to get them all… but I’m going slow (budgets and what not).

You can find out more about the new Armani Fluid Sheers HERE.