MAC: Flighty

MAC’s newest makeup line features a makeup item they’ve never done before: A mousse eyeshadow. For ‘Flighty’ — MAC harnessed all the colors of the rainbow, mixed them together, and a came up with a little something like this:

The so called ‘Big Bounce’ shadows are all really lovely. But there are plenty of colors in the line that you can get from other places. Since I already have creams from Make Up For Ever and Armani (and soon, Chanel) with all manner of Blacks, Golds, Bronzes and Whites… I got the three colors that I don’t have in any formula.

From the left: Count Your Assets — Extra Charged — Free As Air
The texture takes a little getting used to. They’re not cream shadows, they’re distinctly mousse-like in texture. I can’t imagine these being very sanitary for professional use, because the formula seems so volatile. I will scoop a little out on a palette for use. We’ll see how that goes. For swatches I used my fingers. I’m not sure how these will translate with a brush just yet:

They swatch pretty solid. I used three different fingers for each of the swatches, to test pressure. The formula held up well. then I blended it out…

In my opinion, Count Your Assets held up the best with blending. The color stayed solid. The other two look like they have the tendency to skip.

In all, I like them. They’ll take a little practice to get just right, but I intend to have lots of fun trying!