Professional Grade: Fleurings Photo Shoot — Final Pictures

You guys remember the shoot I did with Samantha Lockwood for Fleurings Jewelry…

Well, she sent me two of the final pictures! Here they are:

Since the focus was on the jewelry, the idea was to keep the makeup polished and ‘complementary’ — not competitive.

She seemed really happy with the results. And if the client is happy, then I’m happy.

Professional Grade: Fleurings Pop Up

Actress, Artist, and Jewelry Designer Samantha Lockwood unveiled her latest designs for her company, Fleurings:

For makeup, the look was to be dewy, and sort of ‘ethereal.’ Once I saw how they were setting up the jewelry and the models, I totally  understood why. I thought the result was rather beautiful. After I got the models ready, I did a quick makeup on Samantha…

…she was not a fan of my ‘dewy’ interpretation on her, so we powdered her before she took official pictures. I don’t mind… when it comes to makeup, the person wearing it should be totally comfortable with the results.

Pictures taken with my camera…

Some of Samantha’s Art:

I think she really likes flowers. 🙂

Pictures from the event photographer:

Fleurings… Quick Shots

I thought I’d shoot the actual jewelry that came home with me from the Fleurings shoot. My pictures didn’t really do it justice. I tried to shoot the earrings in my ears and failed miserably, so I thought I’d just give you guys the general idea…

Professional Grade: Photoshoot for Fleurings

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of working with actress Samantha Lockwood, owner of Fleurings Jewelry:

She makes this amazing jewelry that holds fresh flowers! In addition to looking completely carefree and elegant, the jewelry is a fantastic way to literally carry the scent of flower garden with you. Check it out:

Awesome, right? I think these would make the most UNIQUE gifts… I really love this idea. So I was more than happy to pack up my kit and head out to Marina Del Rey for the shoot.

This is Samantha. I wanted to keep her makeup fresh and ‘polished’ so that it helped to ‘enhance’ the jewelry, not distract from it. I did makeup on Samantha and two other models… one male (she makes accessories for men too!) and one female.

Hairstylist Joanna shaping up one model…
…and the other.

Although she was supposed to be modeling the jewelry too, Samantha never rested. She buzzed about making the most amazing combinations for the others to wear.

I had to pack up and leave as soon as the makeup was done (early day tomorrow), but Samantha promised to make sure I get a couple of the finished pictures to file under ‘editorial.’ Works for me. She also sent me home with a brushed gold necklace and matching earrings. Love that!