Lashing out.. in Color

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve long associated colored mascaras with the opulence of the ’80’s. Like minks dyed the most obnoxious shade of fuschia, they’ve always seemed to me an indulgence without a truly satisfying reward. Add to that the rather disappointing color payoff for women of color… and well, I’ve been known to pass on them more often than not.
Recently, in an attempt to evolve past my own prejudice… I tried one on for size:
If you’re going to get a colored mascara, you might as well reach for the stars. This is YSL’s Faux Cils in #6 (Deep Night). They make a brighter blue version, but umm… baby steps here, okay?
Here’s what I found…
Alone, the mascara disappears on me and looks more of an ashy grey than an actual blue. With the help of a little eyeliner (Stila Smudgepot in Cobalt) above the lashline and (MAC Smolder) on the waterline, the color shows up a lot more. I also found that the color intensifies with one coat of black mascara at the base of the lashes.
The verdict:
For me, colored mascaras in shades like this are still a matter of personal preference. They’re not better or worse than their black counterparts, and I find that they serve no real purpose for me (I can use colored falsies) in terms of doing work on clients.
In all honesty, since acquiring the mascara, I’ve used it a handful of times. YSL also makes one in burgundy (#5) which I like a LOT more. I think it’s more flattering for women of color, and it adds a nice dimension on paler complexions.
So perhaps I’ve evolved just a bit. Blue mascara is still a no, but burgundy is just interesting enough to keep around.
Here’s to changing minds… one color at a time.