Lashing Out: LUS Eye Liquid Glue

This is kind of a big deal.

Anyone use MAKE UP FOR EVER False Lashes? You know that little tube of lash glue that comes with them… amazing stuff. The iridescent formula is thin, easy to apply, and there is NO wait time. For pros, this is huge because there’s nothing more annoying than waiting on that glue to dry… especially if you’re in a time crunch. And if you slap the lashes on too soon… they come right off. Boo!

LUS Eye Liquid Glue is the same formula as the MAKE UP FOR EVER version! It’s the same color, texture, and performs the exact same way. And you get a LOT more product to boot! Plus, it’s only 4 bucks. Not too shabby right? I am over the moon about this.

It comes with a lovely applicator and a tool to set your lashes just right. I’m so freakin’ excited. I already tried them with a pair of falsies and I’m happy to report that this formula is excellent. Looks like my tubes of DUO will be set aside… at least for the time being.

You can find out more about LUS Eye Liquid Glue HERE.

Lashing Out: Illamasqua Grandeur False Lashes

One of the most noteworthy items from Illamasqua’s new ‘Theatre of the Nameless’ collection are the false lashes… called Grandeur:

Love these! They remind me of the Make Up For Ever lashes, with a little more flair. The MUFE version is a solid swatch of fibers, but these have extra long fibers added for more drama.

Isn’t that awesome? I have no idea what I’m going to do with these lashes yet…. but I’m sure it’ll be fun!

Downtown Shopping

I spent the weekend in Downtown LA… helping out a girlfriend who wanted to do some real bargain shopping. You can get a bunch of things for cheap, but it’s a double edged sword. In some cases, you REALLY get what you pay for.

I was blown away by the amount of counterfeit MAC they are hocking down there… like EVERY OTHER STAND has a bunch of ‘MAC’ products stacked up in the hot sun! I’d heard that some of the brands were really cracking down on that sort of thing… I guess they’re not cracking down fast enough.

In any case, I took the opportunity to get a few lashes… because they’re incredibly cheap and the cut is what I normally get from Namies for about a dollar more:

The jury is still out on performance because I haven’t actually tried them yet. But if they work out, I’ll definitely head back downtown for more.

Covet Worthy: Smoke & Mirrors False Lashes

For many makeup artists, relevance and career growth sometimes hinges on the release of a product line. It’s nearly the next logical step. Plenty of makeup artists have begun their own makeup lines, skin care lines (raising hand) and makeup tools lines.

Stephen Moleski is no different. He catapulted to fame by doing this face:

I have to be honest: when I first heard that he was doing a line of lashes, I was like ‘Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.’ I live in Los Angeles; there’s a new HOT thing that you just must have every day of the week. Eventually, you learn not to get caught up in the hype and choose your purchases carefully.
I ordered 2 pairs of the Hollywood Lashes about a year ago. I wore the last pair on New Year’s Eve:

…and I’ve been dying to get some new lashes from him ever since! So I ordered them last week… and they came today!

As you can see, I lost my mind a little bit. I LOVE the Hollywood Lash… but I also wanted to try the New York City Lash, which seems to be a shorter version. All his lashes are 100% Human Hair. They are totally light, and look so natural and awesome on. They’re not thick or heavy or ‘fake’ looking. That’s why I love them so much.

You can get these lovely lashes at

One pair of these lashes will be paid forward in an upcoming giveaway. Details coming soon!

Sugar Addict…

More goodies from Sugarpill…

I decided to have a go at her false lashes:

Here’s the thing: they look and wear A LOT like MUFE lashes. In fact, these simply look like the black version of my favorite blue lashes from MUFE (featured on two models on this blog). But the thing is, these lashes are cheaper retail, than the MUFE lashes are with a professional discount. Hmmm…

I slapped them on without the help of glue (this is just the adhesive from the package). They stayed long enough to take the picture, and came off with no problem. Despite their size, they’re very light and easy to wear. Kudos to Shrinkle for getting this right! 
I also got a couple more loose eyeshadows:

Decora (right) and Hysteric (left). Both colors are shot through with teal, which makes them very unique. The color isn’t picking up on camera (it’s actually very subtle in person) but it’s there. I like both of them together, and separately. I’m pretty sure at this point, I’ll have to confess to a full sugar addiction… lol. SugarPill is awesome. Period.

Oh Sonia!

A trip to Target yielded the loveliest surprise: False Lashes from Sonia Kashuk!
I haven’t paid much attention to the brand; I understand some of her products are actually very good. I knew she did basic makeup and brushes. But false lashes? I couldn’t imagine…
Okay, so we know that all lashes aren’t created equal. And more expensive doesn’t mean better. I decided to buy a pair, to see how they perform:

The spine on the lashes is rather thick, but it’s not a problem. It doesn’t get in the way of performance. You can apply these plain (like I did for the purposes of this blog) without absolutely having to apply a liner. 

They are REALLY idiot-proof. The lashes come with glue, which takes about 2 seconds to set. Not kidding. It dries clear (like standard lash glue) in about 30 seconds. I really like these lashes.

 I only bought one pair, because I didn’t want get a bunch and then be disappointed. But I can tell you that these perform better than their more expensive counterparts. I’m fairly certain that these lashes will become a kit staple.
Sonia Kashuk… who knew?