Lashing out with By Terry & MAC

So I took another shot at By Terry’s ‘reformulated’ mascara. Somehow I ended up with purple. SMH. I promise this is my LAST purple mascara… for this season anyway.

I have to say, I like this mascara much better than the original that I tried some months back. It goes on smooth, my lashes don’t get crunchy, and the purple color is much more vibrant than Armani and Chanel.

MAC’s new False Lashes Extreme Black mascara also arrived at Adventures In Makeup headquarters today. It really is ‘extremely’ black. I like the original False Lashes Mascara, so I was curious about how different (better?) this one might be…

I have to say, I rather like it. It’s very black and shiny, and makes my lashes the same. It’s not as clean as the original… I did notice some light clumping. But overall, it’s a good mascara.