Eye Adore: Winter Brights by Shiseido

Typically the Winter season brings muted colors and dramatically dark makeup. But a makeup artist showed me how to make winter brights work… despite the gloomy weather.

The Shiseido Luminous Eyeshadow Trio in Tropicalia is the perfect set of colors to prove that point. The bright ‘summer’ colors actually work beautifully in wintertime, for more dark dramatic looks. Pairing the fuchsia with browns and burgundies… the yellow with black/gold/brown… and the green with black or bronze makes all the difference. And what’s amazing about this trio is that the colors are so pigmented… that they work well no matter the season.

I admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first tried this trio. I really didn’t think that the colors would work. But then I swatched them, and was convinced.

I swatched these with my fingers. One swipe. I feel like, if I can pick up that much pigment with my fingers, then I’m golden.

The current condition of my skin is keeping me away from FOTD’s for a while. But I promise to dig into this trio soon, and show you how amazing it can be in any combination, for every season.

You can find out more about Shiseido Luminizing Eyeshadow Trios HERE.

Eye Adore: Chantecaille Shadow in Malachite

It started with the hunt for a black based color that would not run ‘black’ without the help of a cream. I had this smoky eye look in mind for an upcoming shoot… but I wasn’t sure WHAT color I wanted to use for the smoke (not black or brown or grey, as per the usual).

And I found this:

What’s awesome about this color is that it’s not black or green or grey… but sort of a combination of the three. It swatches a STRONG greenish grey with just a hint of subtle shimmer. It’s so intense, that you can easily use it as an eyeliner.

Love this color. I don’t have a color like this anywhere in my kit (I thought it was like Rock & Republic Lawsuit… but this shade is much richer and darker), so I felt like I did a good thing. You can learn more about Chantecaille single eyeshadows HERE.

Eye Adore: Chantecaille Elephant Palette

I had to jump through some hoops to get this one. One of my local beauty supply stores carries Chantecaille… but there was some delay drama with the orders and the shipments and they weren’t sure if they were getting it…

And I REALLY didn’t feel like wasting gas (it’s astronomically high here now) to stew in traffic and traipse over to Neiman Marcus… so could someone please call someone and have someone else figure it out?

They did. Before I could spell the word Chantecaille… my phone was ringing with the news that the palette was here… and would I like to walk around the corner to pick it up?

But of course!

The latest wildlife creation from Chantecaille comes in the form of a highly pigmented palette, with colors perfectly suited to the Autumn/Winter Season.

From the website: 

-The Elephant Palette helps raise awareness and funds for baby, orphaned elephants in Kenya 
The refillable dark green palette contains four new eye shades, each embossed with an endangered African elephant

Eye shades in Ivory, Grasslands, Iron Ore and Red Earth were inspired by the trends seen on the fall runways and the lustrous colors found in the Kenyan landscape

Five percent of proceeds will be donated to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization that rescues, fosters and release baby elephants orphaned by ivory poaching


 Previously, the charitable palettes have come with eyeshadows and a blush. This one is a complete eyeshadow palette, and I have to say, I like this idea better. The colors are absolutely wonderful, and silky to the touch and easy to blend.

You can find out more about Chantecaille’s Elephant Palette HERE.

Enchanted Selection: Random Goodies from Rouge Bunny Rouge

This is truly one of the ‘girliest’ brands I’ve ever come across. I’ve been playing with a selection of Rouge Bunny Rouge products lately… and wanted to swatch and share:

 Smithereens of Stars Eye Gloss, Cheeks In Bloom Blush Wand, Raven Glaze Lacquer Eyeliner, Devilish Nectar Lip Potion, and When Birds Are Singing Matte Eye Shadow.

Fine Spun Light Luminous Skin Wand
Smithereens of Stars Eye Gloss (Angels Play). This is like a ‘thinner’ version of MAC’s lipglass. I use it to destroy makeup, and give it a creased ‘lived in’ look. Or I use just the teeniest bit as a highlighter on a ‘clean’ makeup look, to give the face an overall polish. It works very well on drier skin tones, and works well in editorials.

Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wand (Vermeer). This is one of the nicest cream blushes I’ve ever used. I love it because it’s not ‘greasy’ like some cream blushes can be. The consistency reminds me of the YSL version… because you can use it over powder, and a light touch will blend the color out beautifully. I was worried that it would sit  horribly on my oily skin, but I’m happy to report that it blends in with just a ‘flush’ of color, and doesn’t look greasy at all.

Raven Glaze Lacquer Eyeliner. This felt tipped pen is basically fool proof. The tip is firm, so you get the color precisely where you need it. I do wish the color was stronger and had more of a latex finish, but I think that’s the nature of having a felt-tipped pen. Still, it works very well for precision work.

Devlish Nectar Lip Potion (065). This works a bit like DuWop’s Lip Venom. There’s some kind of stimulant in it… I smell cinnamon… that plumps the lips and causes them to naturally flush. Works very well on thin lips that need a little extra ‘oomph.’ I’ve put it on models to temporarily plump their lips, then wiped it off and applied my intended lip color. It’s a very good quick fix for that sort of thing.

When Birds Are Singing Matte Eye Shadow (Bashful Flamingo). I could have SWORN that I had a swatch of this… I can’t seem to find it. It’s a matte light pink. Perfect for a highlight on my warm skin tone. It works very well as a base color for fair skin, particularly skin with a cool undertone. The texture is soft and silky. It glides on, and the color stays put and stays true without the need for a primer.

Fine Spun Light Luminous Skin Wand (Alula). This product behaves quite like By Terry’s Touche Veloutee. It’s a highlighting concealer. It’s not meant to be used to cover blemishes I think; rather it works very well under the eyes and on the high points of the face. It’s fairly opaque (as you can see in the swatches). I love it for any given contour/highlight look.

That’s it! Those are my Rouge Bunny Rouge Goodies. I’ve been getting A LOT of use out of them. Despite their whimsical packaging and message, they are very practical pieces.

Ciao for now!

*pr sample

My Sustainable Journey: Kjaer Weis Neutrals

Kjaer Weis has introduced a couple of new ‘neutrals’ to the eyeshadow lineup. Meet ‘Charmed’ and ‘Magnetic.’

Like the other Kjaer Weis Eyeshadows, these come in ‘refillable’ metal containers. Charmed is a neutral beige, and Magnetic is a brown-ochre shimmer.

I like them… but they ARE  on the expensive side… especially considering that they’re neutrals and quite dupeable. But they are very silky and pigmented and blend very nicely together without going muddy… which is a huge plus. You can find out more about Kjaer Weis Eyeshadows HERE.

*pr sample

My Sustainable Journey: Vapour Organics Summer Brights

The latest addition to Spirit Beauty Lounge comes from Vapour Organics. They’ve released three new eyeshadow shades, to help brighten up the Summer…

From the Left: 
Seduce (Dark Purple)
Obsess (Mint Green)
Provoke (Bright Pink)
Of the entire selection of Vapour Organics Eyeshadows (and it’s a pretty formidable selection), these are definitely my favorite. I don’t know if they changed the formula or something, but these really grab the skin and the color is potent to boot. The earlier colors (especially the mattes) came out ‘greasy’ … which did not bode well for my oily eyelids. I’ve used these already and found that they blend out perfectly with fingers or a brush… and work well alone, or as a base for a complementary color.
You can find out  more about Vapor Organics Cosmetics HERE.

My Sustainable Journey: Nvey Eyeshadow Singles

These have to be my favorites from the Nvey Collection… it’s the PIGMENTATION. These eyeshadows are so strong, and they hold true with no additional help needed from primers. I am so impressed by these!

Now, the flash ate the color and does not NEARLY do these shadows justice. They are so silky and pigmented, you really have to use a light touch, otherwise it just looks like you’ve been playing in your mother’s makeup. LOL

I’m head over heels in love. I used them over the weekend and they lasted all night with no problems. Totally impressed… and highly recommend.

You can find these beauties at Spirit Beauty Lounge

*pr sample

My Sustainable Journey: Nvey Eco Creative Eye Color System

Okay… I’m impressed.

Nvey has managed to bring a selection of eyeshadow colors that are highly pigmented, last a ridiculously long time, and are good for you to boot!

This is what they say:
Soothing Chamomile and antioxidants Vitamin C, E & A, make for a smooth and soft formula excellent for dry and sensitive skins. A natural base of Corn Silk and Jojoba Oil adds depth of color, ease of application and long wearing ability. 

The shadows feel great going on, glide on with minimal fallout, and stay put… even on these oily lids.

The shadow come in palettes of five colors each, duos, and singles. Here are the 5-color palettes, which are identified only by number:

Palette #1

Palette #2
Palette #3

Palette #4
Palette #5
I thought I’d found favorites in palettes #1 and #3… but I used #2 today and changed my mind. They’re all good. You can find these palettes, and the rest of the Nvey Eco Color system at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

*pr sample

NARS Holiday 2011: Hanamichi Eyeshadow Palette

I’m late getting this. But I’m really glad that I finally got the Hanamichi Palette from NARS. It’s just stunning. The colors are all pigmented, and the presentation just defies description. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

You can find the Hanamichi Palette (and other NARS goodies) on the NARS website.

FOTD: NARS Mandchourie

I was late getting this eyeshadow duo. No real reason… it just kind of got away from me. So I picked it up and tried it out, and now I understand what all of the fuss is about:

Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation
Chanel Blush in In Love
NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Mandchourie:
Shimmer Blue/Gold on the lid
Matte Blue on the outer lid and under waterline
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Eyeshadow in Bronze above the crease
Dior Eye Pencil in Smoky Grey on the waterline
Clinique High Impact Mascara
Armani Silk Lipstick in #18
What’s so awesome about the NARS duo is that is doesn’t behave the way you think it will. The shimmer color looks blue/grey/green/gold in the pot, and because it adjusts to individual skin tone — the color will appear differently on everyone.  The matte color is smooth (not chalky at all) and not really a true blue. It oxides to a nice dark aqua color on me. Like the shimmer, the color adjusts depending on skin tone.

I really like this duo, and definitely recommend it over the Arabian Nights trio (which takes some ‘work’ to show up). This duo is much more practical, and I think more flattering on a wider range of skin tones. 
You can check out the Mandchourie Eyeshadow Duo at NARS directly.