Eye Adore: IMAN Luxury Eye Defining Powder

Think of the L’Oreal HIP Kohl tubes… but  bigger. I came across these beauties while poking around ULTA one night:

As far as I can tell, there are only four colors. At least, that’s all that ULTA seems to carry. All the colors are metallic.. and all have neutral potential.

From the left: Vixen, Wicked, Bewitched and Black Magic.
I do have one small issue with this product… the applicator. But I know that my issue has to do with me being a professional. I feel like the applicator is unsantitary, and won’t be able to use it on myself or clients if I intend to make them part of my kit:

I just can’t see dipping that thing in and out of a tube on the regular. So I’ve cut all my applicators off, and will get to the product by shaking it out into my hand, and applying it with a brush. That aside, these colors swatch beautifully:

From the left: Vixen, Wicked, Bewitched and Black Magic.
Applicator aside, I really like these shadows. I especially like that I can use them as an eyeliner (with a clean applicator of course) as well. They’re not expensive… about 10.99. And you get a nice bit of product. I imagine that if I were to shake all of the shadow into a pigment container, I’d be able to fill it with no problem.