Chanel Sophisticated Eye Collection: Tools and Twilight

So  here are my first two loves from the new Chanel ‘Sophisticated Eye’ collection…

I’m admitting to a ‘frivolous’ purchase — for I broke down and got the eyelash curler.

Why? I have no sane reason. I just wanted it. That’s it and that’s all. I LOVE the way it comes packaged… only Chanel. lol

I also got the single eyeshadow in Twilight, which I feel is the sleeper hit among the singles. It’s pink, but it’s got a warm dimension that I absolutely love. It really complements my warm skin tone… which can sometimes be a challenge with pink.

I really love this shadow. I’m so glad I tried it at the counter, because in the pot it just looks… pedestrian. But it really warmed up on my skin, and I was totally impressed by that.