Tarte for True Blood: Take Two

I can admit when I’m wrong.

I was browsing through Sephora and I SWEAR that Tarte for True Blood eyeshadow palette was calling my name! Yep.. that’s my story. So I went over to swatch it… and damn if every single shadow wasn’t silky and pigmented as all get out! I mean REALLY silky. Omg. Urban Decay Naked Palette fans, I challenge you to swatch these shadows, and see if Tarte doesn’t change your mind.

This palette has a total value of $300+ dollars, but retails for $52. It is a RIDICULOUSLY good value. In addition to 17 rather large shadow pans (shimmer and matte), you also get an eyeshadow primer, a mascara, and the silkiest black gel liner that I’ve ever used. It might be ‘too’ silky, in fact. I swatched it and lost control of it for a second. The slip is that serious.

So I take back what I said about the palette being a pass. It’s not. It’s worth every penny.

This palette is SO good, in fact, that it’s worth a giveaway. Yep.

Details and swatches coming soon. Ciao for now!

300 FOLLOWERS!!! Let’s do a Giveaway…

Hey you guys!!!!

I just logged on and see that there are 300 of you beauties putting up with me and my rants about  makeup and what not! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I really appreciate it. I do.

In celebration… let’s do a quick giveaway…


I was going to wait until after the next giveaway for the next Cargo dealie… but what the heck. This is cause for celebration! The winner will be randomly selected in one week… so I’ll announce it Monday, January 17th!

Good Luck Everyone!