The ‘Secret’ to Laura Mercier

I went a little nuts recently in the quest for ‘flawless finish’ tools, and hit the Laura Mercier counter at my local Beauty Supply Store:

From the left: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, Secret Camouflage, and Eye Canvas

 I got the Secret Brightening Powder in #2, which has more of a yellow hue. #1 reminds me of MAC Prep & Prime, because it is distinctly white. What’s incredible is HOW finely milled this powder is. It’s kind of like the MUFE HD Powder, without the flashback. Just the smallest dusting sets everything. This stuff is awesome.

The Secret Camouflage is a bit of a conundrum. It works… but I really think it’s best reserved for professionals. Here’s why: It’s nearly impossible to match your shades without really taking your time. The colors appear completely ‘off’ at first glance: too pink, too bright, too yellow, to orange, too brown…
It took me longer than a little bit to get it just right. It turns out I’m #6. The shades go up to 8 (which is like an espresso color with red undertones) so I imagine that there’s something for just about everyone. The other problem, however, is the consistency. This stuff is DENSE. Like, beyond ‘using a concealer brush’ dense. It does even out skin tones and highlight with a little work, but using anything other than a spatula turns out to be pretty labor intensive. I have to say, I prefer the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector… at least for the moment. Maybe I need to spend some more time with this stuff to get it right.

The Eye Canvas is supposed to be foundation for the lids. It reminds me a lot of a MAC Paint Pot, but it’s not as dense, and blends a lot faster. It’s a primer and a ‘neutralizer’ for your eyelids. Now, here’s the thing. You can probably get the same effect with a regular Paint Pot or a neutral matte eye shadow. I like the Eye Canvas, but it’s really not necessary. It’s just nice to have. We’ll see how much use I actually get out of it.

Now, I’m going to use all of these things together and see just how ‘flawless’ I can get this face of mine. FOTD’s coming. Ciao for now!