Eye Adore: Chantecaille Shark Palette

From Up in the air to Under the sea…

I had been dying to get the Chantecaille ‘Save The Sharks’ Palette ever since it first came out, but there weren’t many of these babies at my local stores. By the time I remembered to get one, the only option was online. And I totally wanted to swatch first.

From the website:

 Inspired by the Spring ’13 runway trends and BLOOM’S passionate commitment to ban shark finning, Chantecaille has created the Save the Sharks Palette. A graphic and alluring palette that fuses on-trend colors from the catwalks with the freshness of the oceans, in a bold yet feminine way.

Shades include:
– Great White: a white and sandy beige inspired by the apex of the oceans’ ecosystems, the Great White shark.
– Black Tip: an on-trend, deep ocean blue inspired by aquatic spring runway looks and the dark, inky fin of Black Tip sharks.
– Grey Reef: a glistening sandy grey inspired by the Indian and Pacific Oceans’ Grey Reef sharks.
– Sea Anemone: a flattering golden coral cheek shade inspired by the underwater gardens of the tropics

So I got the last one from my local beauty supply store. I got to see it and swatch it and declare it worth every penny.

All of these colors (8 total) are silky and fabulously pigmented. Although they are designated for certain areas of the eyes and face, I have absolutely no intention of following directions. l am particularly smitten with the Grey Reef combination. That smoky silver color is to die for.

Chantecaille Save The Sharks Palette is still available at NORDSTROM.com

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Eye Adore: Burberry Eye Palette in Dark Spice

 This is not new… but it’s new to me. The Burberry palette in Dark Spice reached right out and said HELLO to me, the minute I saw it. And then Elina checked the stock… POOF! One more left (and as it turns out, not even that. That sucker was on hold for someone else and a new one had to be shipped to me). I considered it a stroke of luck, and a sign that I am meant to have it. Mmmm Hmmm.

Without Flash

Each of these colors simply SINGS on its own. Although this palette was released as part of a cooler weather collection… I intend to make full use of it for the Summer.

You can find out more about the Burberry Eye Palette in Dark Spice HERE.

Eye Adore: Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme

A random trip to Naimies yielded the most lovely surprise…

I got the one color that I thought was the most unique.. it’s like a really smokey, silvery version of Chanel’s Illusiore, with twice the staying power.

I tried to take this swatch off… and only the silvery part came off. I had to get makeup remover to wipe away the base color. These are really good. They also come in several other shades, including bronze, green and blue.

You can find out more about Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme HERE.

Eye Adore: Chantecaille Single Eyeshadow (Sel)

This is one of those staple colors that you have no idea how you lived so long without…

The Chantecaille Eyeshadow in Sel is so versatile, that I’m trying to figure out why I didn’t discover this color sooner. It’s a pale taupe/beige… that looks different on every skintone. On fair skin, it’s a lovely dark beige… almost brown shimmer. On medium tone skin it nearly imitates a ‘flesh’ color, and just lights up the eye area. On darker skin it’s a pale shimmer taupe that’s more gorgeous than garish.

Color me completely in love.

This color can be applied sheer or dense. If you apply it sheer, it adds a sheen to the skin, and makes the lid look ‘wet.’ If you apply it dense, it does something totally different.

You can find out more about Chantecaille Single Eyeshadow in Sel HERE.

Eye Adore: Le Metier de Beaute Indelible Ink (Castalia)


Le Metier de Beaute wants to paint the world with color this Spring… with Indelible Inks.

The two colors are Artemis (midnight navy re-release), and Castalia (deep purple). I found the formula dense, and the color rich and opaque (not thin or sheer, like some liquid liners tend to be). One swipe and you’re good to go!

Indelible Ink Eye Liner in Castalia
I’m typically not a fan of liquid eyeliners (I find them messy and hard to control), but this product is doing a spectacular job of changing my mind. The formula is dense enough to manipulate like a gel liner, but still thin enough to apply like a traditional liquid. And once it sets, it doesn’t budge. I had to wash this swipe off with makeup remover. Totally awesome.
You can find out more about Le Metier Indelible Ink Eyeliner HERE.

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Eye Adore: Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Bobbi Brown says: You spoke… she listened.

The company has repackaged their Tinted Eye Brightener, to make it more user friendly.
Now, instead of a click pen, the formula comes in a lip gloss looking container, with a doe foot applicator. It looks like there’s actually more product to in this container. This looks a lot like the new NARS concealers, but who’s keeping track… hmm?
Like the color correctors, these come in shades of bisque and peach… from lightest to darkest. The colors that best suit my needs run in the peach family.
Light to Medium Peach is on the top, and Dark Peach is on the bottom. There is also a basic Peach shade offered on the website… which is a mix of these two colors.
Dark Peach                         Light to Medium Peach
When you apply these products, you’re supposed to ‘tap’ them under the eye (never rub). Eventually, the the formula warms and spreads under the eye area, adding a bit of light without looking like you’ve used a ton of concealer.
Eventually I mixed the two colors to get the full effect:
The formula covers and adds light, but still allows the skin to show through. Put me down as a fan. You can find out more about Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brighteners HERE.

*pr sample

Eye Adore: Estee Lauder Eyeshadow in Sugar Cube

 I went on the hunt for a white eyeshadow… and was surprised to find out how hard it is to come up with a pure white shade. Not super matte or super shimmery… but a basic white that works well on a wide range of skin tones and doesn’t pull grey, or silver, or gold (yes, gold) on certain undertones.

I came up wanting, until by chance I stopped by Estee Lauder to see what’s what, and ended up with Sugar Cube.

What I love about this eyeshadow is that it’s silky (not chalky like a lot of white eyeshadows can be) and it actually translates as white on my warm skin tone.

Perfect. You can find out more about Estee Lauder Sugar Cube HERE.