Emmys 2012: Top Beauty Picks

I worked much of the morning and afternoon, getting clients ready for the Emmy Awards on Sunday. But I did make it home in time to see the Red Carpet arrivals, and get a good look at who really pulled their ensembles off effortlessly.
My top picks contradict some of the more popular opinions, but I don’t care. I like what I like. Here is who blew me away this year:

I don’t think that the ‘critics’ quite knew what to do with this ensemble by Hayden P., But I LOVED it. I loved the idea of the blue over gold (unusual color choice), and I thought she wore it beautifully. Her hair is up and simple, and does not clash with the dress, and the makeup is effortless. If you’re going to wear a complicated dress, the rest should simple. Clearly, Hayden got the memo. I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Tina Fey got slammed for this outfit… not because it looked bad, but because it looked like every other strapless number she wears on the red carpet. So what? She knows what works, and she sticks with it. Kudos to her. I thought this dress… particularly the color… really offset her hair color. Love the embellishment at the bodice, the earrings, the hair and the makeup. She looked comfortable, effortless, and absolutely beautiful.

Sophia Vergara is another woman who sticks to what works. She celebrates every curve in body conscious styles that showcase her best assets. I loved the color choice (a departure from her typical ‘primary color’ choices), and even the insane amount of sequins didn’t bother me. Sophia was channeling her inner Mermaid. I say kudos.

Hellooooooooooooooooooo NURSE! Is that Edie Falco? My goodness, I thought she looked amazing. Even though the cut and style of this dress is unusual, it worked on her because it showed off the fact that she hasn’t been slacking on the workouts. I love that she kept the makeup minimal and the hair off her face for the most part (I don’t remember ever seeing Edie Falco with a bang). She’s come a LONG way from Carmella Soprano.

This is one of those ensembles that either goes really right or REALLY wrong. But on Lucy Liu, it really worked. I don’t know HOW she pulled it off (I mean.. that’s a LOT of silver and a lot of sequins), but she did. It probably helps that she’s so petite and can wear just about anything. I loved this look on her. I thought she balanced that massive amount of metallic with simple hair and makeup. I love that she kept the ponytail soft because it balanced the severe cut of the dress and her clutch. The whole look came off soft and structured all at once, I and I thought she pulled it off beautifully.
That’s it! Those are my Emmy Beauty picks for 2012. Ciao for now!

Emmys 2011: Woman In Red

Well, I’m all recovered from my Emmy madness (I slept like a ROCK last night) and got a chance to really take a look at some of the dresses/hair/makeup featured among the guests for this year’s show.

What I noticed was a lot of color… specifically RED. Love that! Some folks wore black, and others wore variations of champagne/gold … but red was the color of choice for some of the more daring Divas. Here’s who I thought wore it best:

 Sofia Vergara KILLED in this dress! I  notice that the dress is being described as ‘coral’ but it came across red on my television screen. If it is coral…it’s a reddish coral. Regardless, she’s ending up at the top of the post because OMG. Look at that dress! Vergara truly knows how to dress for  her body type, and she knows what colors/shapes work best on her. She looked absolutely stunning, with fabulous hair and makeup to boot. Hands down, she was my favorite look for the night.

Kerry Washington was understated from the neck up, and all out daring from the shoulders down. I was on the fence about this look until I saw it in motion (her walking across the stage). That dress is NOT for the faint of heart. It’s got a classic shape with a full on modern interpretation of construction and texture. I like that she paired such daring dress with very classic hair and makeup… very Old Hollywood. I don’t know that this look would have worked for everyone, but it certainly worked for  her.

Kate Winslet opted for classic lines and COMFORT above all. And honestly, I can’t even be mad at her. Sometimes, there are more important things in life than teetering around in shoes that pinch and a dress that you cant sit down in… more important things like… say… WINNING the Emmy. I like Kate Winslet, and I respect her priorities. She’s all about the work, and it shows. If I had to complain, perhaps I’d let the dress out a bit in the middle… or get a better shaping underthing. I’m just saying.

Special mention goes to Jane Lynch (whom I had no idea could sing). She did an amazing job hosting, and she looked great. She looked elegant, and comfortable, and confident. I love that. Fashion is great… but when it comes to practical application — if you’re not comfortably strutting down a runway in a size 0 — don’t try to do it on the red carpet.

Winding Down…

An unexpected gig doing makeup for the Emmy’s had me on my feet most of the day…
I’m happy to be home, burning a Himalayan Salt candle to help me wind all the way down.
And funnily enough, I’m actually watching the Emmy’s.
Bear with me, I’d like a little time to reflect. I was honored to make up the faces of several delightful women today. They were all smiles and grace, and honestly made my job so much easier than an event makeover would typically be. We parted happily with waves and air kisses (can’t mess up that lipstick!); I believe they loved their reflections… and that made me happy.
I left them with a Dior Addict Gloss in Red Stockings, an Armani Gloss in #5, and a YSL mascara in patent black…
And hopefully, I left them feeling as glamorous as they wished to be this night. 

One of the ladies contacted me to let me know that the makeup wore FABULOUSLY! She even had a few questions about where to get some of the items I used on her (I was sure to take the time to let her know about everything that went on her face, during the session). She’d also like a private makeup lesson. YAYYY!!!