Fashion Alert: Black Friday Sale!!

Okay, so this has nothing to do with makeup. But EM & Co. is my ‘go-to’ boutique for all of my fashion needs… period. I’ve learned more about my body type, and fashionable ways to dress it, than at any other place. This is a great place to get key pieces, that are neither traditionally ‘classic’ (read: boring) nor ‘trendy’ (read: disposable)… but always noteworthy. For example, the tunic (Brand: Religion) that I wore at the Space NK Meet & Greet was from Em & Co. The owner features European and local designers, who have a command of fabric and realistic cut and construction.
Now, EM & Co. can  be a bit pricey, so anytime there’s a sale… it’s worth shouting from the rooftops.
So, local gals, if you’re interested in getting high fashion at a lower price point… head over to West LA and get your shop on!

Professional Grade: Rich & Neutral

I had to work on a showcase with three international designers… and had to make the makeup translate for all three. One designer’s clothing is full of sequins and feathers, the other is boho chic, and the third was clean and practical.

I figured the best bet was to go with something rich and neutral:

Chanel Teint Innocence in Beige
Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Bisque (as concealer)
Make Up For Ever HD Blush in Apricot
Koh Gen Do Translucent Powder
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom (brows)
Dior Cream Shadow in Backstage Beige (base)
MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure (lids)
Illamasqua Pigment in Ore (lids/under waterline)
Make Up For Ever Eye Pencil in Gold/Black (waterline)
Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadow in #13 (lashline)
Naimies False Lashes
MAC False Lashes Mascara
Make Up For Ever Nude Lip Pencil
NARS Lip Gloss in Luster
Other shots from the show…

Professional Grade: Fleurings Pop Up

Actress, Artist, and Jewelry Designer Samantha Lockwood unveiled her latest designs for her company, Fleurings:

For makeup, the look was to be dewy, and sort of ‘ethereal.’ Once I saw how they were setting up the jewelry and the models, I totally  understood why. I thought the result was rather beautiful. After I got the models ready, I did a quick makeup on Samantha…

…she was not a fan of my ‘dewy’ interpretation on her, so we powdered her before she took official pictures. I don’t mind… when it comes to makeup, the person wearing it should be totally comfortable with the results.

Pictures taken with my camera…

Some of Samantha’s Art:

I think she really likes flowers. 🙂

Pictures from the event photographer:

Professional Grade: Pop Up

I did a quick makeup on a couple of models last night, for Em & Co’s Pop Up store in West LA:

As you can see, I did one natural… one not so natural. The latter model is VERY young (in fact, this was her first time modeling) and I wanted to help ease her into the position. So I went with a series of fresh peach colors to warm her already tanned skin. The other model is a seasoned pro… and she does the ‘porcelain doll’ look very well, so we played that up.
As you can see, it was a jewelry show, with a little bit of clothing thrown in for good measure. Hubby shot some of the show, and some backstage stuff of me working. When he edits it together … he’ll upload it on youtube. I’ll let you guys know. Ciao for now!

Professional Grade: KillDarling Pop Up Event

One email, and then another email, and a third… and suddenly I was rushing from the Valley to West Hollywood to do a pop up event for the clothing line ‘KillDarling’ last night.

The look reminds me of a broken ‘Baby Doll’ — like a girl who realizes the death of her favorite fairytale, and has decided to preserve the memory with a bit of a rock n’ roll edge. With that in mind, I set out to create an interpretation on the model who was helping to showcase the line:

I didn’t have my camera… this was taken with my cell phone. My flash totally blew out her face… so the colors are a little funky. But I basically rimmed her eyes in black, purple, and rose-pink. She has a light pink flush on the apples of her cheeks, and a nude pink lip pencil on her lips, with a ‘silver’ lip gloss. I topped it off with big purple lashes. The effect was surreal, which is what I was going for.

Hopefully, the event photographer will have many more (read: better quality) pictures that I’ll be able to share.

Professional Grade: Beauty for the Broke Girl

The ladies behind the Broke Girl’s Guide took over local boutique Em & Co. for a night of practical, inexpensive beauty. My job was to share easy makeup tips with girls interested in taking their looks to the next level with a few simple steps.

That was the plan anyway…

I got there and the place was PACKED. I set up my chair and mini makeup kit, and along came my first interested girl. Before long, I was frantically cleaning brushes to get to the next person, and what began with sharing simple makeup tips, ended with me doing full-on makeup. Eveline (boutique owner) says next time I should put out a tip jar. I’m thinking… she’s totally right.

Here are the highlights:

Miss ‘Show me how to do a sexy smokey eye’
Miss ‘I want lots and lots and LOTS of black around my eye… like an Egyptian’
Miss ‘I’d like a purple smokey eye’
Miss ‘I’m going to a gay bingo game and want to look fab… but not drag queen’
So, I did my best to fulfill everyone’s wishes as fast as my brushes would let me. With the exception of the first girl, I ended up doing full makeup on everyone. Eh… I’m adaptable. 
But it definitely took its toll. I was so tired today… walking around like a zombie! I even had to drink coffee (which I never do) to stay awake.
Next time, I’m definitely putting out a tip jar.

Professional Grade: Benefit For Japan

I finally got pictures from the Benefit For Japan that I did recently. There was music, a fashion show, and sales of special t-shirts… all the proceeds went to the Koyamada Foundation, which sends aid to victims of Japan’s earthquakes and tsunami. I managed to find photos of the four people that I actually put makeup on…

I think those are the twins from that Disney show. Anyway, my makeup brushes graced the faces of Shin Koyamada (The Last Samurai), the lovely woman in the middle (organic jewelry designer), and the lovely woman on the end (Koyamada’s wife).

I did makeup on the lovely model in the orange jacket. That was the crown piece of the show, I believe.

 Koyamada’s wife again. She was very specific that she did NOT want dark colors around her eyes. Yes Ma’am.

The jewelry designer with the models and clothing designer Mayumi Bradshaw (on the end). I believe Bianca did Mayumi’s makeup.

All in all, it was a good time, for a good cause. I was honored to be a part of it.

Professional Grade: Black Eyes & Nude Lips

A recent fashion installation job came with specific orders to use black (A LOT OF BLACK… she says) all around the eyes with a simple nude lip. Since the fashion coordinator was showcasing a number of designers, she wanted to make sure the look was universal enough to do all of the clothes justice.


And I think that the photographer thought that it would be fun to do a bunch of shots in Black & White, because I ended up with these:

Hey… I did that!

I just found a few shots of my work on a fashion blog… whoo hoo!!! You guys remember the Micha Designs Installation… with the ‘white neo tribal’ makeup. Well, look at this:

Whoo hoo! I’m going to make sure everyone who helped put that look together gets proper credit… go team!