The New Meteorites: Guerlain Goes Gold

Some posts back… I did a review on the original Meteorites from Guerlain (which I still have). The ‘new’ version came out with the last Holiday Collection, but I ignored it because I felt like they wouldn’t be much different from the old version.

I was wrong.

I got the one in Dore (gold). I was stressed because I thought it was going to go glitterbomb on me. But it doesn’t. There are enough matte balls in the mix to tone the shimmer down. In fact, the shimmer is less apparent than in the original formula. Yayy!!

I tried to swatch it… but it really doesn’t show up on camera. I have to go to a fashion show tonight for a local magazine. I’ll use it in practical application then, so you guys can see that it really balances out the skin without adding any color.

Better than the original… for sure. And the packaging doesn’t hurt either. I’d once complained about the cardboard box that the original Meteorites came in. This one is packaged better, and formulated better to boot! It’s a keeper.