All Hail The Queen: The Genius of Donna Karan

I have long been a fan of Donna Karan… from the moment I cracked open Vogue Magazine in the late 80’s and saw her jersey designs ‘By Women, for Women.’ I’ve always loved the ‘body concious’ cut of her clothes… and by that I don’t mean that you have to have the perfect body to wear them. I mean that her clothes are conscious of ‘your’ body… and whatever individual shape it may posses. She truly makes something for every body type, and makes you look and feel your absolute best no matter what your size or shape… and I love that about her.

Neiman Marcus recently released a video of her latest fashion show, inspired by the Art and the People of Haiti. It is STUNNING. I absolutely had to share this amazing Woman’s vision with you guys… so here it is!