Smell Goods from a Fabulous Friend

One of the things I value most in my life are my genuine friendships. I have a few really good friends whom I keep close because of their honesty and grace and genuine love. When one of them found out about my new job, she sent me this:

She knows two very particular things about me: I don’t like unnatural (read: too perfumey) smells, and I LOVE DL & Co. candles. The Orange Blossom Aboslute was a perfect choice! I squealed in delight when she told me it was headed my way.

It smells SO good. I put it in the living room, without lighting it, and it smelled up the whole area! Then I lit it and the scent just wafted through the house. It’s not heady or perfumey, just soft and slightly herbal.

Love it!