May Favorites (2013)

This month, the list is ‘stripped down’ to the basics that I feel I must have — to function in truly flawless fashion.

Salux Cleansing Cloth.
Okay, I know that this is a regular staple in China and Japan, but I’m just discovering it and I LOVE IT! My baby sister insisted that I must get this cloth, and she was so right. I can’t live without it now. It exfoliates so beautifully, that it preps my skin to completely absorb the next treatment. I especially love using it before a Habibi Body Scrub. My skin is like SILK afterwards. Totally inexpensive, and totally worth it.

Asheida Face Sponge.
I absolutely love this sponge for removing makeup. I use it in two steps: first to take off the initial layer of makeup, and second to cleanse. I find it less messy than  my Clarisonic (which I still use religiously every night before bed) and easier to clean when removing makeup. It’s a fabulous little addition to my makeup removing routine.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.
This is  my new ‘go to’ for removing makeup… especially  heavier foundations. The oil interacts with the oils in my skin (and the makeup) to cancel the latter out, and my makeup just slides off! I love it. Right now it’s on sale – so now is one of the best times to try it out!

Sunday Riley Start Over.
I’ve been using this eye treatment religiously since discovering it last year. It is fantastic for targeting any puffiness or darkness around the eyes. Continued use has left my eyes brighter and ‘puff free.’  It’s not the most moisturizing formula on the planet, so I think it’s better suited to oilier skins like mine.

Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil.
I really didn’t expect to rely on this formula the way I’ve come to. It’s really wonderful. I love the idea of a ‘serum’ for the lips, and I love the way it perfectly preps my lips for lipstick application, without the ‘slick’ of a traditional lip balm. I’ll definitely be keeping this one in heavy rotation.


Tom Ford Shade + Illuminate.
This rather pricey, but fantastic addition to my ‘skin kit’ is a must have if you can swing it. The double contour/highlight cream formula imitates ‘skin’ in a way that leaves the skin dewy, but not greasy or glittery. Perfect for both a ‘no makeup’ makeup… or a full on  makeup. A complete review is coming.

MAC Riri Woo Lipstick.
Say what? I went from being skeptical about this lipstick to hopping on board as a full on fan. Wow, I love it. I really do. The matte formula is friendly enough to wear without any other real embellishment on the face, which is rare for this kind of finish. It will totally pull your face together with just a bit of mascara and a groomed brow. But it also works incredibly well as part of a full dramatic look. MAC did extremely well with this lipstick, and they deserve major kudos.

Diptyque Eau Moheli Perfume.
I think I may have found my ‘summer staple’ fragrance. Eau Moheli uses an insane amount of ylang ylang to set the base note for this unusual floral. This fragrance plays so well with others, it’s amazing. I’ve been layering it like crazy with other scents (even traditionally masculine fragrances), to see what I can come up with. Right now, my absolute favorite combination is Eau Moheli, layered over Habibi Body Balm in Pink Grapefruit. Every time I wear it, someone asks me what I’m wearing. It’s that amazing.

That’s it! Those are my faves for the month of May. Ciao for now!

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New Obsession: Diptyque Candles

It’s been a while since I’ve had a candle obsession. I usually go to my trusty Himalayan Salt Candle,
from Out Of My Tree:

It cleans the air and leaves the room with a fresh, lemony/sandalwood type fragrance. I’ve been so disappointed with commercial candles, that I just tend to leave them on the shelves.

My favorite MUA in the world, Amanda (Space NK), got me to take a whiff of Diptyque and now I’m HOOKED:

My favorite right now is the Spruce candle. I also really like the Sandalwood one and the Patchouli one. Some of the scents are too commercial for me. The Rose and the Jasmine are like… ehhhhh. But they have a special Valentines Day set (Rose masculine and Rose Feminine) that I’m probably going to spring for in the coming weeks. Right now, this little Spruce candle is filling my bedroom and bathroom with a clean, crisp scent. It’s a VOTIVE and it’s working like a full sized candle! I’m so impressed with the potency of this little bugger.

I’ll definitely be getting more of these in the future.