Professional Grade: CV Nation (Post work Designed by LP)

The rest of the character pictures are complete! Whoo Hoo! The most awesome post work was done by LP. You can see some of his work HERE. Dude is AMAZING… he can do art on the most mundane of pictures…

Jason Sweat as CITYWOLF
Aisha as Mme. Mighty
Trisha Mann as SOULDRAGON
Sherida Mulrowe as PANTHERESS
 London Kim as AHDAI
Yeah… London’s character isn’t much for makeup. He thinks it gets in the way of him doing his job. LOL I think the show creators may change the character’s mind for Season 2 though. Season 1 is nearly in the can. I’ll let you guys know when Episode 1 goes up!
You can find out more about CV Nation HERE.