I wanted to take a little time and talk about the recent changes with HABIBI. A lot  has happened over the past six months, and we’ve been rolling with the punches. We’ve also been forced to evolve with our sudden growth spurt.

In January 2012, we opened the floodgates by offering free shipping… anywhere. That led to a major uptick in international sales (nothing like a high shipping charge to keep you from ordering something online). With the increased shipping time, we had to revise our normal processing and shipping schedule to accommodate our new international fans.

We were just getting used to the whole idea of shipping all over the world on a regular basis… when we also decided to participate in the May CurlBox.

That opened up a flood of ‘domestic’ orders… and suddenly, instead of 4-5 orders a day, we were looking at 10 times that. We thought that the sudden uptick in sales would taper off, as excitement about trying a ‘new thing’ waned.

We were wrong.

Since our debut in CurlBox, we’ve not only gotten orders from subscribers, we’ve also gotten orders from their friends, co-workers, associates, and family members. And we’ve noticed that in one month’s time, many of those initial CurlBox customers have ordered at least twice since.

We are eternally grateful for ALL of the business, and love for our products. Truly, we are moved by the massive response, and are working tirelessly to make sure everyone gets their orders in a timely fashion.

Remember, everything in the HABIBI lineup is handmade. We don’t use fillers or substitutes, and we don’t use any ‘pre mixed’ formulations. All of our recipes are OURS, and we’re very proud of that fact.

So here’s the deal. We’re evolving… we have no choice. But that means, sometimes we’re going to make a mistake. We’re going to be a little behind with some orders, and a little ahead with others. If you EVER have ANY concerns, please do NOT hesitate to shoot us an email. You can email directly from the Habibi Website, or you can send me an email personally at shahada@habibibody.com

Our goal is to make sure that everyone is happy with their purchases, and that we’ve done everything we could to ensure they have a pleasant experience shopping with us.

We take care with every order, and we make everything with the specific customer in mind. We work very hard to make sure that aspect of our business NEVER changes, no matter how much we must evolve in other areas.

Thank you all so much for your support, and for your business. We appreciate you.

-Shahada Karim                              

Habibi in CURLBox!

Hey Guys,

I was honored (and stressed) when CURLBox founder (and dear friend) Myleik Teele asked Habibi to be part of her ‘Birthday Box.’ Although we are as close as sisters, we’ve NEVER had a discussion about my company collaborating with hers. Call it professional respect, but we’ve always been that way. We don’t assume anything about the other professionally. To be perfectly honest, I never expected to be asked (we do business in very different ways), but I admit that I was overjoyed when she popped the question.


Since her subscriber list grows monthly, that meant a LOT of work on my part. But I dug in and got it done.

That’s us in the upper left hand corner. Whoo Hoo! We’re excited to be part of the project, and we hope that EVERYONE who received a Habibi Body Balm, enjoys it in good health!