Covet Worthy: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

It’s official: Illamasqua has ruined me (for the moment) for other foundations. I’ve been skeptical about just how ‘great’ the new Skin Base Foundation is (I was not a fan of the Rich Liquid Foundation), so I was slow to purchase. Add to that the fact that it’s not available in the United States (you have to order online)… and I was not able to swatch colors ahead of time for the perfect match.

Enter ‘AceYourFaceUK’ (who I’m lucky enough to have follow this blog). She noted my questions about matching skin color, and using just my pictures on this blog, was able to match me PERFECTLY. She recommended Skin Base in #14… which is exactly what I ordered.

I have to admit, when I first got the bottle I was VERY skeptical (read: Oh HELL no! Did this girl just recommend some ashy freakin’ foundation for me? What was she THINKING?!!!), because look at how light that is! And it has the nerve to look a little pink. Anyone who knows me knows that I always correct ‘down’ (read: go darker) if I’m in between shades.

But I trust that AceYourFaceUK knows what she’s talking about (she’s very familiar with the brand), so I go ahead and test it.

It’s got this little nozzle on the end, which is perfect for paranoid artists like me (I hate an unsanitary application), and as you can see, the foundation itself looks much more ‘yellow’ on its own. Blame the pinkish hue on the frosted nature of the bottle.

You see this drop? This covers half my face. I am NOT kidding. That’s how little you need for medium coverage. Double that for full coverage. The amount (or lack of) foundation needed to cover the face is precisely what skyrocketed this product to Covet-Worthy status for me. And if that’s not enough, the way it blends out is just RIDICULOUS…

OMG  look at that! That is a ‘full coverage’ on my arm … just that little dot did all that coverage. You can totally sheer it out as you like. And you cannot BELIEVE how well it adjusted to my skin. My oily skin drank it up and set *snap* like that. Did I mention that the COLOR adjusts too? Give it a couple of minutes, and the freakin’ foundation ADAPTS to your individual shading and undertones. I CAN’T TAKE IT!

Now, if there are any cons, they are as follows:

The bottle is small. But in its defense.. it’s the same ‘amount’ of foundation as nearly all of its counterparts. It’s one ounce. The size of the bottle will throw you at first, but I think that’s because of the shape. If it was a regular glass bottle with a pump, you wouldn’t even notice it. And you use SO LITTLE of this foundation, that it more than makes up for its weight and volume.

The cost is prohibitive… at least in the United States. The conversion (and the shipping) kicked my butt. But it’s only prohibitive because I’m ‘guessing’ at colors. If the foundation were here, I wouldn’t even bat an eye. I spend hundreds of dollars on foundation… BUT I also get to test, swatch, and sample them to death before I make a decision. I’m also paying for that convenience. With Skin Base, I relied on the knowledge of another Makeup Artist, some swatches, and my own gut.

I don’t know about this yet for a drier or mature skin. My oily skin LOVES this foundation. It wears just like, if not better than, Hourglass Foundation. My skin drank it right up, it set, and it never moved. I’m wearing it today, and I can’t feel it. I keep checking my reflection like WHOA.

This foundation is top of the line for me. I have ordered the shade darker than this one (#15) to accommodate my summer skin. For the moment, #14 looks perfect on me. But if I get a tan, it’s a wrap. So I’d like to be able to use it as much as possible, no matter what my skin-tone is at the moment.

I HIGHLY recommend this foundation for oily girls. If you can match your shade, this foundation is worth every penny. I LOVE IT!

You can get Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation online at

Covet Worthy with a Cause: Haughty Cosmetics

The latest inspirational story in the world of makeup comes from Haughty Cosmetics. Based in the United States (Virginia), owner Michelle Coyle sought to do two things: make a kick-ass product, and raise awareness (and money) to combat domestic violence; a problem that affects women all over the world. Coyle has managed to do both in noteworthy fashion.

For every purchase of a Haughty Cosmetics Lipgloss ($21), half… read it..  HALF of the proceeds will go to domestic violence charities! Now, let’s think about that for a second. Normally, most companies donate 5% to any given charity.. 10% if you’re lucky. But 50%? Who does that? Haughty Cosmetics does.

 Let’s just behold that image of fabulousness for a moment.

The color saturation of these lipglosses reminds me of a stain, but without the drying effects (or residual staining) that comes with most stains. There’s no weight and no stickiness associated with traditional glosses… these things are just pure color.

If that’s not enough, the ‘names’ of these glosses will make you squeal with delight! Check it out:

Awesome, right? Here’s a closer look at the applicator, and swatches…

From the left: Know your Audience, Keep it Professional, Make a Statement, Pull it Together, and Get ‘Em.

From the left: Break a Leg, Speak Up, Overdeliver, Polish it Off, and Take a Risk.

Lip swatches are coming… those are going to take time. We’re going to break those swatches up like we did for Chanel Rouge Coco Shine because it makes things a little easier.

But I will tell you this, these are WONDERFUL. And they’re made with a wonderful cause in mind. So, we are paying them forward!

In the coming months, I will purchase each and every last one of these lipglosses… and I will give the collection away to one lucky winner.

  I won’t give this batch away because it’s been swatched and tested all to be damned, and we can’t have ya’ll dealing with any hint of cooties, now can we?

So, I’ll announce the giveaway once the glosses are in my hand. This is just too good a thing to keep to myself. This level of fabulousness simply MUST be shared!

In the meantime, go take a look at Haughty Cosmetics. These glosses, and the women they seek to help uplift are worth your time… and dare I say, quite worth your money.

Covet Worthy? Chanel Spring 2011

Naturally, the internet is buzzing about the new Spring Collection from Chanel. I was interested…at first. Then I really looked at that quad, and I have to say…  it kind of reminds me of Murano. I have to see it in person. I think the local boutique has it… but I have yet to traipse to Beverly Hills to take a gander.

I am, however, interested in the quint:

I just spoke to the SM for Chanel for Nordstrom, and she tells me that she’ll likely have it by Saturday. If that’s the case, I’ll be able to see it for myself… and decide whether it’s truly covet-worthy.

I’m eyeing the nail polish too… in Black Pearl, the Joues Contraste in Espiegle, and the Rouge Allure Gloss in Genie. I’m already a HUGE fan of Insouciance (which I’ll likely get a backup of).

If this collection is truly worth the hype, it may also be worth a giveaway. We’ll see.