Covet Worthy: Sleek Contour Kits

You guys, these are TO.DIE.FOR. There are several features that make these kits a must have for anyone interested in taking their looks to the next level with contouring…

1) Sleek is a company that specializes in makeup for WOC, ‘but’ have enough universal formulations and shades to complement all makeup mavens. Still, special attention has been paid to undertones typically featured on the ethnically diverse. That means yellow, orange, and red undertones in things like the contour kits.
Plenty of fair skinned girls use Sleek. Most often, they reach for the contour kit in ‘light’. These are kits in medium (left) and dark (right).

2)The formulas for these powders are AMAZING. I’ve used MAC and Make Up For Ever contour powders before, and they don’t come close to the creaminess of these Sleek powders. They go on strong, but blend out very soft. I was impressed by how quickly the powder merged into my own skin tone, giving it just the right amount of  ‘shadow.’

3)The highlight actually works. Most highlights end up either making a person of color look ashy, or going  glitterbomb. These do neither. Although the highlight side is a shimmer, it’s so subtle that it literally gives the appearance of applying ‘light’ to the face. Each highlight perfectly compliments the contour powder. At first I thought the highlight in the medium kit would be too light… and end up going ashy. It doesn’t. One swipe on my warm skintone and the powder merges right in, highlighting the way it’s supposed to.

4) Price. Sleek contour kits retail at drug store prices… but perform at a professional level. They’re worth every penny. I want to go back and get the light kit, but it remains sold out. I’ll have to try and get it at a later date.

The only con to these products is likely the shipping (13.50 USD). But I figure if you order enough stuff during any given shopping excursion, the shipping doesn’t look so steep. It’s only a problem if you order something that’s LESS than the actual shipping. Shipping time is a bit rough too. I’ve been looking at an average of 2-3 weeks for delivery, despite dispatch notifications within 48 hours. But if you don’t care about the shipping, and don’t mind waiting for a high quality product… Sleek is definitely the way to go.