Giveaway: Bombshell (Naughty & Nice)


I’ve been busy gathering items for the next giveaway. I wanted to do a ‘bombshell’ themed giveaway this time, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I figure a proper bombshell ought to have fabulous lashes, a killer red lipstick, and something to make her smell divine!

Here’s what I came up with:

Here’s what the giveaway includes:
1 tote featuring Bombshell Marilyn Monroe (naughty & nice)
1 Pair of Smoke & Mirrors ‘Hollywood’ Lashes (nice)
1 sample of Chanel Intimitable Mascara (nice)
1 sample of Chanel Glossimer in Spark (naughty)
1 full sized Benefit Blush in Coralista (nice)
1 sample of Benefit ‘Bad Gal’ mascara (naughty)
1 Illume Candle in Pomegranate (nice)
1 Ilumme Candle in Black Amber & Lavender (naughty)
1 Jemma Kidd Makeup School Lip Gloss in Pink (nice)
1 Make Up For Ever Lipstick in Moulin Rouge (naughty)
1 Habibi Body Balm in Vanilla & Sandalwood (naughty & nice)
1 MAC Kissable Lip Color in Love Peck (naughty)
1 Zoya Nail Polish in Isla (naughty)

Hmmm… there’s a lot of naughty in this giveaway! lol Ah well… a proper bombshell ought to look good, smell good, and feel good!

You guys know the drill: you have to be a public subscriber/follower to qualify. You can amp your chances by following me on twitter @shahadakarim – ‘liking’ Adventures in Makeup on Facebook – linking this giveaway to your blog – and actually blogging about the giveaway.

The contest runs from February 1st, to February 14th.

Good luck everyone!

Contest Update… and looking ahead.

Hey guys,

I’m sorry if there’s been any confusion about how to amp your chances to win the next prize. I check everyone’s blogs (when available), twitter feeds (when available) and my facebook page (Adventures In Makeup) to add to the entry hat accordingly.

If you follow this blog, you are automatically entered once.

If you want to do better, you can:

-‘Like’ Adventures in Makeup on Facebook (1 entry)

Follow me on Twitter @shahadakarim (1 entry)

-Tweet about the giveaway (1 entry)

-Link the giveaway on your blog (2-entries)

-Link this blog to your blog (2-entries)

-Blog about the giveaway (3-entries). This means, actually blogging about it… not just posting a picture/link with a caption. Toss in a little of your own words to make it legit, hmmmm?

…Hope that clears things up!

And no, you are not obligated to comment every time I do a post. I know some bloggers have an issue with folks showing up just for the freebies. I have to tell you, I’m not really concerned about that sort of thing. I like blogging, and I hope you guys like reading. I ALWAYS appreciate a comment (and any constructive criticism). But it’s certainly not necessary to be entered in any of the giveaways.


I have three MASSIVE prizes coming up. One collection is pretty much sold out EVERYWHERE… the one after that will include some of my favorite things… And the last gift will be the biggest (and the most luxurious). Stay tuned!

Comment (or not), Rate (or not), Subscribe (to qualify for the giveaway), and let’s play in some makeup!



I thought that I’d give you guys even more ways to win the makeup bundles. Thanks for all the excitement about the MAC bundle… there’s even more to come!

Everyone who follows/subscribes to the blog is AUTOMATICALLY entered once. If you want to do one (or two, or three) better, you can do the following:

1 entry = ‘Like’ Adventures In Makeup on Facebook. The link is on this blog.

1 entry = Tweet about the contest and link the contest post on your twitter page

1 entry = follow me on Twitter @shahadakarim

 2 entries = Link the contest to your own blog (if you have one)

 3 entries = BLOG about this Holiday Giveaway

That’ll seriously amp your chances at the win (your name will be ‘re-entered’ the number of appropriate times, making it more likely that you’ll be chosen).


Contest Update and Random Thoughts


Shall I repost the contest, or scrap it? The deadline to win a brand new MAC ‘Briar Rose’ Beauty Powder is November 15th…

And I don’t have a single entry to choose from.


Anyone willing to participate should email their entries to by Monday night. The winner will ne notified by email, and asked for a mailing address. The winner’s picture will also be posted on the blog.

Here’s what I asked for:

Some reasonable imitation of this look. Don’t need the  jewelry. Just the colors and (preferably) the lashes. But you know what, If you absolutely can’t swing the lashes, the colors and technique will do.
Here’s the prize:

Deadline is Monday night. After that, this lovely item gets rotated back into the kits as a backup (or sold on ebay). 
You have to be a subscriber/follower of the blog to qualify.
C’mon guys, lets play in some makeup!
Other stuff:
I look less like a reptile today (yayy!) and I’m about ready to really dive back into my regular makeup routine. I also have a bunch of new additions that I’d like to share. YSL’s Holiday stuff is noteworthy, and I took a step back in time to revisit Chanel’s Murano quad (Autumn 2009). Swatches and looks to come. Has anyone gotten their hands on any Chanel Soho stuff? I still need a backup of Stunt. Since they’re available at counters nationwide now… I think that if you can get your hands on it, you should. Of the laques, it’s the most ‘everyday wearable’ for women of color imo. Dragon is still my favorite red ever, but not likely suitable for everyday wear.
Taking a second pass at Buxom. I’m not a fan of the parent brand (Bare Essentials), but Buxom seems to be redeeming the line a bit for me. I just got my hands on a mascara (and I’m QUITE the mascara snob). I’ll try it out and share my results.
Also, I got permission to leak a few details the webseries (ultra secret!lol). Specifics (and a picture or two) to come.
That’s it for now! Ciao!

Contest: MAC Briar Rose …

You guys ready for the next contest?

So since I got the ONE VOTE for Briar Rose, that’s what I’m giving away. It was part of MAC’s Venomous Villans collection (Malificent)… and sold out pretty quickly at major department store counters and pro stores.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

I LOVE this look! I saw it and squealed like a little girl. It’s part of a list of halloween ideas that sephora is currently pushing. I’d love to see someone do this on their own face. I don’t care what products you use to get there, and you can have jewelry or not (up to you). I’m primarily concerned with the makeup. I think it’s just stunning.

So that’s what I’m asking for. The rules are the same. I need to see you (you cannot be a hidden subscriber) and all entries need to be in by November 15th.

Good Luck!

MAC Stereo Rose: WINNER!

Hey Guys!

I’m pleased to announce the winner of the ‘nature inspired’ contest. I asked you guys to create a makeup look based on nature. I needed to know what you used and why you used it. Well, Miss Amber did just that… and won the contest!

This is Amber:

Amber was inspired by fall leaves…
The eyes represent the leaves turning from green to gold, and the lips represent the change from Summer to Autumn.

“For this look I used MAC Blacktrack Fluidline to line my eyes, and used MAC Greasepaint Stick to create a cat eye wing at the outer edge. On my lips I used Stila Watermelon Lip Glaze, on my cheeks a light dusting of Milani Luminous Blush (a dupe of NARS Orgasm at a fraction of the cost). I topped the eyes off with MAC Plush Lash Mascara, and I created the shadow look of green/gold with the Milani Eyeshadow Quad in Autumn Earth.”
Thank you Amber for your entry, and congratulations on the win! Your MAC Stereo Rose was mailed today (Saturday, October 30th). You should receive it next week! Congrats again!

The Next Wave… Contest and Giveaway!

You guys…

I’d like to take a vote.

The next contest begins November 1st, and I’m at a loss about what to give away. I have in my possession:

1 Briar Rose Beauty Powder (from the MAC Venomous Villans Collection)

1 Dior Nail Polish in Timeless Gold (2010 Holiday Collection)

1 Later Pigment from the Alive & Olivia Collection (now being repromoted in the MAC A Tartan Tale Collection…due out October 28th)

What should I give away next?

Can you guys vote by using the comment box? Whatever item gets the most votes, goes up for the next giveaway!