Burberry Cold Weather Haul

I recently purchased a few goodies from Burberry, with a stronger focus on cold weather. I wanted to try the Velvet Foundation and Concealer. I also picked up a Lip Mist in Brown Sugar (to wear right now).

Trench Velvet Foundation in #208:
The finish is matte… though surprisingly not ashy (which I what I initially expected before committing to the purchase). #208 s the darkest shade in this formula, which is unfortunate. Hopefully, Burberry will expand the range, much like they’ve done with the sheer formula.
Concealer in Sandy Beige:
Lip Mist in Brown Sugar:

It’s interesting that this is named Brown Sugar. There’s nothing really ‘brown’ about it (much like Copper is more nude and not warm at all… like a copper color would be). It’s more of a very warm peach, with the slightest hint of rose. I love it. I don’t really care what it’s called. 🙂

Product Review: Chantecaille Bio Lift Concealer

I’ve been on the hunt for a new concealer for a while. My MAC Studio Sculpt seems to be too heavy on the days that I use it, so I was looking for a lighter touch with some kind of ‘anti aging’ boost. I found that combination with Chantecaille’s Bio Lift Concealer.

It’s a creamy concealer with a ‘lifting’ serum in the middle. Kind of reminds me of those lipstick/lipgloss combos. My color is Shea. I fell in love with it after trying it at the store, and noticing that although it was extremely sheer and lightweight, it still gave coverage and lifted the area under the eye.

See? It looks like it’s barely there. But the coverage imitates ‘skin’ so that when you blend it in, it seems to disappear.

Love that. I am absolutely in love with this concealer. Now, it is NOT cheap ($69) so be warned. The SA rang me up and I was like SHEESH! lol But I think that it’s worth it.

You can find out more about Chantecaille’s Bio Lift Concealer HERE.

Makeup By… MURAD?

The skin care company Murad (www.murad.com) is known for treating skin complaints at the cellular level. The company’s founder, Dr. Murad, believes in the healing properties of water, and the importance of hydrating both inside and out.

Now, it looks like Murad is venturing into the world of makeup.

A lovely journalist was given an introductory package, and she in turn paid it forward to me. She figured, with my makeup background, I could make heads and tails of it. Here’s what I got:

Inside, there was a ‘double’ surprise. On the top, there was the new makeup line…

And on the bottom, was a complete ‘anti aging’ skin care line!

I dug into the makeup portion of the package, anxious to see what the chemists at Murad had come up with:

This concealer is simply called ‘dark’. Boy, is it ever! It’s supposed to be a concealer and a blemish treatment in one. I can’t use it on myself, but I can certainly use it on my warmer toned clients. I love the idea of a concealer doubling as a treatment.

This is probably my favorite part of the collection. The skin perfecting primer behaves like the ever popular ‘Beauty Balms’ – without the whitening agent. I was first worried because the color was so fair…

But the primer blended out beautifully on my medium toned skin, and disappeared!

Next, I tried the bronzing boost. It’s hailed as a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 15 and ingredients that promise to firm and help keep skin healthy.


I love the idea of makeup doubling as skin care… you guys know that. I’m really interested in trying the primer. I’ll road test everything and report back. Ciao for now!