Gasp and DROOL: Claudio Riaz Brush Collection

It’s not my fault.

So, I’m talking to Claire (Chanel) about the company’s new brush line, and she says: “Have you tried Claudio Riaz?”



So we Google it. And OMG I promptly fall out… about as much as I have over Hakuhodo. LOVE the unusual brush head shapes and textures. She’s going on and on about the fabulousness and what not… and then I spy the price.


The brush collection is $1,525

For real?

The Travel Brush set is better… but not much. $650. M’kay dude.

Now, everyone knows I’m a brush enthusiast… and I’ve gone to great lengths to really add the ‘best of the best’ to my collection. But $1,500+? Really dude?

On the up side, it looks like you don’t need the whole collection to get a good feel for the line. Individually, the brushes are expensive as heck too. I mean, they make Tom Ford prices look downright REASONABLE.


I need to think about this.

I did fall in love with a ‘line blender’ brush that I’ve never seen before:

But THAT sucker is $70.

So the thing is, unless these babies blow me totally and completely out of the water, and are BETTER than Hakuhodo (which, lets face it, is the gold standard), they may have to have an extended vacation at Barneys.

I promised Claire that I’d take a gander and see what she’s raving about. When I do, you know I’ll report back… good, bad or indifferent.

Ciao for now!