Clarisonic Mia (New York): Practical Pictures

So, here are practical pictures of the Clarisonic Mia that I’ll be giving away:

You guys know the rules… when the blog hits 2,000 PUBLIC subscribers, I’ll randomly pick a winner. All you have to do is be a public subscriber to qualify.

Clarisonic Giveaway (New York City)

Dear Lovelies,

You  know that I promised to give away a Clarisonic Mia when the blog hit 2,000 subscribers. Well, since we’re officially over 1,500.. I thought I’d show you WHICH Mia I’m going to be giving away:

The ‘New York’ version was a limited edition release for Fashions Night Out. I thought it would be a PERFECT gift for one of you, so I ordered it from Sephora right away. It finally arrived in the mail (and is now safely tucked away for the giveaway) and I have to say… IT’S GORGEOUS!

I will post actual pictures of the item either tomorrow or later this week (it’s still all wrapped up).

There is only one rule for this giveaway: you MUST be a public subscriber. I will randomly choose a winner when the blog hits 2,000 subscribers.